Your Questions About Selling Digital Paintings

Joseph asks…

Is there any site in which I can sell my digital paintings and flash animations.?

Timo answers:

Try or,devent art has an option to sell prints.

David asks…

i m a digital artist.How I get orders from net and sell my portrait digital paintings?

Timo answers:


You should have your own website and you can post your works on Etsy, Zazzle, RedBubble, Fine Art America or other sites like those.
Also have a blog to interact more with your viewers/potential buyers
As for sites, if you don’t know web publishing, you can try Sitekreator, Fineartstudioonline, onedoteasy, for instance.
You can also check this

Mark asks…

Does anyone know a good site for selling digital paintings?

Timo answers:

Great info.on this medium in general below ;
Here are some on line sites for selling or directions to…;
News or articles you should read;
Other Artists;
Links to more on this subject;
Hope this helped,

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