Your Questions About Print Embellishment

Nancy asks…

Is there a website where I can print of pics that are just outlines (similar to coloring book) 4 scrapbooking?

I just want little pics of things like a teapot, beach umbrella, etc. that I can print off and colour in myself with pencil crayons, to add to my scrapbooking pictures…kind of like a thrifty form of embellishments.

Timo answers:

There are tons of scrap booking websites – most of them offer templates to download
This is what you are looking for – a template.
Check out like I said type scrap booking in your browser – check out the different sites – look under templates.
Lots and lots of basic figures – for you to download and decorate any way you like – I would print on to card stock so you have some weight to work with.

Sharon asks…

Where can I get a nice website where I can print photo book in Malaysia?

I came across a website which offer hard cover 8 x 8 book at around RM 50 which consider economic and this website have everything I want but unfortunately they do not provide shipping to Malaysia. I want something with nice background, many choices of embellishment, borders and layout and also the quality is good. Most importantly they provide shipping to Malaysia.

Timo answers:

Maybe here .

Steven asks…

Where can i find background papers/accessories to download for greeting cards, instead of having to buy cd rom

Background papers, Fonts, Making your own card toppers, basically creating your own cards. How to make your own embellishments, creating designs onto paper to print off eg, Gingham templates/backgrounds. Greeting card software to download.

Timo answers:

Some card making magazines come with free backing papers and with attached free cds that have lots on them such as fonts, backing papers and royalty free images

A site I’ve used in the past …


Hope that helps.

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