Your Questions About Photoshop Painting Hair

Chris asks…

How do I paint hair like this with Photoshop CS2?

I have Photoshop CS2 and I do not have a tablet. I was wondering how you can color hair like this:
And by color I mean like the texture, the flow of the hair, etc. I’m not a master at photoshop, more like an ameteur. And I just got introduced to the pen tool. Can anyone give me tutorials or links to ones? Thanks!

Timo answers:

You can design similar art with photoshop, and it does take time, there are some tutorials at deviantart as well, also try youtube and other cg and illustration sites, texture can be attained by adjusting brush or airbrush tools, and option to use preset patterns or home-made for textured results, a wacom or other type tablet does help in allowing you to use tool in pen or brush position, sketching on paper is good to keep skills sharp,


portalgraphics openCanvas
Corel Painter X
Adobe – Illustrator CS3
Adobe – Photoshop CS4

Wacom Intuos3

CGTalk –

Jenny asks…

How can I make WonderWoman’s hair look better via paint (photoshop)?

I’m drawing black curly hair and it’s not working as far as the detail of the hair strands. Any suggestions I’m making it look more bluish instead of grey for the sheen and stuff.

Timo answers:

Try it in Photoshop:

1. Select the hair areas to be edited / change in color:
Using the Pen Tool (P), make sure PATH is selected above (below menu)

2. Using Pen Tool, trace the hair slowly and carefully, only the hair okay.

3. After tracing and enclosing the hair with those nodes, point the cursor in the middle of the enclosed hair, RIGHT CLICK, then select MAKE SELECTION, then press OK.

4. Now, you have selected the hair, notice the hidden lines?


6. Now you can change the color using the COLOR BALANCE. Adjust the color blue, make it higher. . . .

Good luck, hope this helped. Or if you want, email me and I’ll edit this Wonder Woman image for you.

Laura asks…

Photoshop, trying to change hair color and fabric color. How? Any tutorial?

If i wanted to change hair from blonde to brunette, or a jacket from red to green, or the paint job on a car from silver to yellow how do i do it?
Mostly i want to change hair color. Any tutorials?

Timo answers:

Changing colors on Photoshop is actually a very easy thing. First, create a new layer on top of the image you want to change. Put that layer to Color or Hue (you’ll want to play around with this, as well as the opacity level – every image is different, so pick whatever works best for your image). Now, get a circular brush, get brown, and draw over the parts where you want to change the colors. That will give someone brown hair (however, if they have very light blonde hair, you may have to darken it considerably). Repeat this step, just use a different layer for each color change. In my experience, I think Hue works best for hair, and Color for other items.

If you have a Livejournal, search tutorails – there are a lot of communities with some really great coloring techniques!

Betty asks…

can anyone change hair color on or photoshop?

okay, so i cant figure out how to change hair color on so could someone either tell me or take a picture and dye the hair this color?

and here is the pic i want hair colored on

Timo answers:


I didn’t do a very neat job but you get the idea. I think the lightest blonde doesn’t have enough color for your skin tone so I added some other shades of blonde as well. I think the dark one looks pretty good 🙂

Richard asks…

Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro ect. What program is best for adding tattoos and Piercings?

I have windows 2000. Im very much into photography and am wanting to know what program is best for doing these things;

adding tattoos.
adding peircings.
changing hair color.

I have no clue what program to use and what will work on windows 2000.
Ive searched but not really found any answers.!
so please help!

Timo answers:

Depends on what your doing..

If you trying to add it onto the picture…

I would suggest using two programs together.

For editing pictures and creating crisp advertisements I prefer to use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator side by side.

Photoshop pixilates an image and some times can come out not as crisp when saved as a jpeg or adobe file.

By using Illustrator, a vector program, you can get crisper lines and you can actually draw out the tattoos using the vector program. Then put them on Adobe Photoshop. Then edit it so it looks like it’s real.

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