Your Questions About Painting With Adobe Photoshop

Daniel asks…

With Adobe photoshop, how do I make lines of a scanned pencil drawing more solid?

I’ve scanned penciled drawings into my computer. But when I go to paint them in Adobe photoshop, a lot of the lines come out incomplete. Is there a way I can fix this without having to ink my drawings first before scanning them?

Timo answers:

Dimitris’ suggestion about using Curves is good but maybe somewhat difficult. Using a Levels adjustment layer is a little easier.
Layer/New Adjustment Layer/Levels. Then move the center gray pointer to the right. As necessary to darken your pencil lines.

Nancy asks…

I need help with Paint or Adobe Photoshop?

Unfortunatly I can not paint on a computer. I am making a cover page for my short autobiographical story. Since yahoo won’t let me paste what I have so far I will have to describe it. It is the cover of another book with a different title.…
Check this site out. It is the same except for the text. Although when I changed the text, there are patches of white rectangles where I cut out the original text to put in my text. The background orange is what I want the whole cover to be, but Photoshop nor Paint will let me use the orange as a background under my blue text. When I try to put in a background or paint it in myself, the text in blue dissapears in a sea of orange. I want to know how to get the my title page in orange background with text– in view– and in blue. I’m on yahoo messanger so if u want to contact me to send a file so you could help me, just IM me. RUREDDY88@YAHOO.COM OR RUREDDY88@HOTMAIL.COM (rureddy88 on msn messanger)

Timo answers:

I can probably help you, but the link you provided is not working. Please email me @

David asks…

What is a good photo editing program ? Adobe photoshop or Corel Paint Shop ?

I wanted to buy myself a good photo editing program and was wondering what is a good one. I want to edit pics and do all kinds of special effects including the black and white pics with just one colour standing out ( like the reds or whatever other colour ) and all kinds of other edits.. What program would you recommend

Timo answers:

I’ve never worked with Corel Paint Shop, but I’ve worked with Adobe Photoshop and IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Adobe Photoshop lets you do pretty much everything imaginable to your photo, plus a couple of things you wouldn’t have even imagined

I’m not advertising Adobe Photoshop or anything like that, I was just really impressed by it 😉

Donald asks…

How to brighten your Computer?

The computer I’m using looks darker, and no it’s not the web page. It’s the same with other programs like MS Paint, Adobe Photoshop, ETC… How do I brighten it?

Timo answers:

Click on menu tab on your monitor. A window will pop up. Using the up and down keys, go to brightness. Next, use the plus and minus tabs next to the menu tab to choose how bright you want the monitor to be. When you are done, click on exit. The window will close and your monitor should be as bright as you want it to be. Hope this helps.

Thomas asks…

How to create image with a link in Adobe Photoshop? (Or Paint Shop Pro maybe?)?

I used to be good at making graphics, but I haven’t done any for ages and have totally forgotten loads. 🙁

I remember that I used to be able to make a layout or a bit of graphics in a program, I think it was Adobe Photoshop, and then go to some tool and create links in the image.

I remember drawing round the area I wanted to create a link in and then doing something and typing in the URL it would link to, and then I’d get the code for it.

Anyone know what I mean? It might not be Adobe Photoshop, it might have been Paint Shop Pro, or something else all together!
Just found it it is called ‘Image Mapping’. Still don’t know how to use Photoshop to do it though. 🙁

Timo answers:

I used to have a freeware utility that was great for making imagemaps, but can’t remember the name of it.

I did find a site that’ll let you do it for free online (see Source(s)).

After some searching on Photoshop CS3’s help files, I didn’t find any imagemapping capability there, though you can export Illustrator CS3 artwork in JPEG format along with imagemap code.

Good luck!

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