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Susan asks…

Adobe Photoshop CS3 quick mask mode help?

i download adobe photoshop CS3 free trial the other day, and ive been doing some tutorials. I figured out that when i press the Q button to enter quick mask mode, i can draw on the picture with the brush, and then when i press Q again to exit quick mask mode, the area that was drawn on is not selected, but everything else is. so i inverse the selection to select it. I tried doing the same exact thing a couple hours later, but it doesnt work. When i enter quick mask mode, i can draw on the picture, but when i exit quick mask mode, the whole picture is selected. The area that i drew on there does show up in paint when i enter quick mask mode again though. It doesnt seem to be helping me select what i want to select. please, if u know whats wrong, please help. thanks

Timo answers:

When you are in quick mask mode, is the “color” chosen to paint with anything other than completely black? In quick mask mode, it should only give you the option to paint in black, white, or some shade of grey, which corresponds to the level of opacity of your selection. In other words, “black” (which shows up as a transparent red when painted in quick mask mode) means that area is completely masked (not selected), “white” (which shows up as transparent in quick mask mode) means that area is not masked at all (selected), and any shade of grey in between (which shows up as a lighter red) means that area is partially masked (partially selected.

If you were using some light shade of grey to mask things, then when you went back to standard mode, it would select everything, and partially select the partially masked area as well, but if those pixels are less than 50% selected (in other words, you used a lighter than 50% grey to mask them) while they would still be masked, they just wouldn’t show the marquee around them, because the marquee only shows up around pixels that are more than 50% selected.

I’m not sure if that’s what you’re seeing, but it could be one explanation.

Donald asks…

Where are the best tutorials for drawing sprites?

I want to create a game on Game Maker 8 with my own sprites, and I am hoping to find some tutorials on drawing sprites. I’ve already read a little about using a six color palette (of shades of gray, black, and white I believe), and I’ve read about the use of shadows.

Specifically, I want to learn how to draw characters.So what I’m looking for is a good tutorial that teaches how to draw sprite characters. I would also like to know what some of the best programs are for drawing sprites. I have Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint (Duh), and something called Graphics Gales and I have no idea how to use that. Let me know if there are other programs that would be good.

Timo answers:


As far as drawing sprites, there isn’t that much difference between drawing sprites and drawing manga or other forms of cartoons. This is specifically geared towards fantasy art but it’s generally useful:

Oh. Photoshop is the most preferable of those choices, followed by Illustrator, though I prefer Inkscape. Avoid Paint if possible.


Richard asks…

Adobe Photoshop 7 Question… Color problems. :(?

I’m new to the whole photoshop thing. I’ve always used other things to make my graphics – even paint. (Hehe). Anyway, I cant take a class at my school for it until next year. I dont really have time to go to any other classes either. So if anyone knows any good tutorial webpages that give a lot of detail with picture examples of what they’re doing would be awesome!

Anyway – to the question. For some reason my entire photoshop is on a grayscale and I cant figure out how to put color onto ANYTHING. I pressed ctrl + U to colorize and no luck. If I go into Image > Mode it says it’s on grayscale… But everytime I try to change that it screws up my work…

It’s probably really simple! So I kindof feel like a dork for asking… but could anyone help me? Haha. 😛 Thanks a bunch!

Timo answers:

You are in grey-scale mode, go to the menu bar on top then click on the Image icon then go to Mode and click on RGB or CMYK to convert your document into color to get out of grey-scale mode.

Paul asks…

I need help with Adobe Photoshop Cs3.?

I’m really into drawing anime and I’m not too bad at it, but iv been looking at those peoples drawing on deviant art and you-tube and a lot of the people are using cs3 which is the version i have. i really don’t know how to work it much more than what you could do with paint. i would love either a video tutorial on how to use cs3 or a video tutorial on how to color in anime/manga characters in cs3..both would be great.

Timo answers:

Just google manga/anime photoshop tutorials. They have many many out there. is a good site for photoshop tutorials.
There are also thousands on youtube.

Mandy asks…

Adobe Photoshop CS2?

Can anyone help me create an animated gif with this program? I’m having a hard time. I have Paint Shop Pro 9, also, and can’t create there either. Is there a tutorial on CS2 to tell me how to create animated gif’s?

Timo answers:

Adobe Imageready creates animated gifs for you.  A link to locate it is in the bottom of the toolbar in Photoshop. There is a pretty good tutorial on how to use it here:

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