Your Questions About Mixed Media Portraits

William asks…

self portrait mixed media ideas?

i have to do a self portrait for art with a concept. this is my idea…

it has to be mixed media meaning more than one media is being used such as -> acrylic paint, watercolors, coloured pencils, newspapers, chalk, pastels, gesso, ink -anything basically that will give a better meaning. any ideas? im willing to try anything 🙂

Timo answers:

Hi! There is a great mix you can think about trying and I don’t mind sharing it with you. Here is what I did, see if its something you want to consider.
1) I had an image of a prismacolor moonlight bay scene
2) I resized to fit on 11×14 canvas paper which I ran through my printer
3) Then I used graphic pens and created a street scene in the foreground, adding houses, apartment buldings, cars and some foliage and creating the effect that the street was disappearing sharply going downhill.
4) I then scanned the piece and with photoshop, created in the distance, a large suspension bridge crossing the bay as if a continuation of the street I had in the foreground.
5) I added more details for the bridge and the foreground with photoshop.

I`m a lover of mixed media and always look for combinations to enhance either new works or taking my own work and create new and exciting combinations.

Betty asks…

how would you do a mixed media collage over divorce?

i need to do a mixed media collage over a social issue for art, and i picked divorce. i’m not quite sure what kind of pictures to have, or kinds of paper and such. any ideas? we also have to include our portrait and have a water color background.

Timo answers:

Do you have a digital camera or can you get access to one? Take photos of yourself perhaps looking serious and run them out to a colour laser copy as large as you can. Put yourself in the middle of a large canvas or board and around yourself cut and pictures from magazines or newspaper or images from the internet of people in conflict such as arguing, crying, turning their backs on each other etc. Before you stick them down you could paste some bits of fabric or pieces of flat wood onto the board that represent household furniture. Even large pictures of whole rooms from interior magazines. Over the top of this paste you fighting couples, then fill in the rest with watercolour paint, even painting over the tops of the pictures to tie it all together.

George asks…

Using mixed media- painting and photography?

I have an art project for school that I’m currently working on, and I’m doing some research and deciding on what media I should use at the moment.
I really enjoy painting, and photography. I want to mix both of them together to create an art work…but I’m not sure how.

I was thinking I could do a collage, but I’m not so sure about that yet.

Anyone have any ideas of how to mix acrylic or water colour painting and photography?

I’m planning on doing a portrait, if that helps.


Timo answers:

Perhaps do the portrait in half photograph, have painting, collaging the elements of each of them together. In other words, take a great photo and print it out very large, the size of the finished piece. Then tear it up.

Next, paint the portrait of the same person. Or if you want to be a bit cutting edge, make it the painting of a different person of the opposite sex who looks similar to the person in the photo. Cut that up, too.

In the next stage, you collage the torn parts of each portrait to make a new person, or if using the same person, make it the collage of just that person. Do not trim the edges, or make the pieces fit well together. If you need more ideas contact me through my profile here at Yahoo! Answers.

Mary asks…

What do you think of my Mixed Media Drawing?

It was a Blind Continuous Self Portrait — Study of Line Quality // Color Systems // Mixed Medias // Tempera Paints and Tempera Washes

Timo answers:

I like it a lot. Great use of the space and I think the simplicity of the primary colors works well. Also like the combination of different kinds of marks and edges.

Laura asks…

How successful is selling items on

I need extra money, so I was planning to sell portraits of skylines made out of mixed media. Does anyone have any experience with this website? Is it worth it?

Timo answers:

If you’re going to make a living (which people do!) etsy is better than ebay fees wise. Etsy charges .20 to list the item, then 3.5% after it sells for i believe 3-4 months vs. Ebay 8% selling fee and their sliding scale to list for about 2 weeks.
Clear pictures are the key. Get/do professional looking photos, and a cute yet informative description help. So does self promotion and advertising. But if you’re looking for a quick buck, then you might want to try ebay first?
Good luck!

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