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Michael asks…

John Tait and Mary Campbell (of Derry Ireland?)?

I’m looking for John Tait and his wife Mary Campbell born around the early 19th Century around Derry Ireland. The dates of their births and their parents names are unknown to me and that is what I’m looking for. If anyone can be of help it would be appreciated.

Timo answers:

Online searchable records for Derry/Londonderry will be going online in due course at: .

Each search is priced at 5 Euros, so the cost of finding either of these people could soon mount up. You really need to get some approximate idea of their dates of birth to help narrow down the records you look at.

You also need to narrow down their location in Ireland. What you are after, ideally, is a townland ie place of origin. This website has helpful (free) advice about how to do this: .

There are no census records for Ireland (except for a few fragments) prior to the 1901 census. A census substitute is Griffiths Valuation which was carried out in Derry in 1858-59, and probably too late to be of help to you, but can be searched (for free) at: .

The Derry Historical Society ( may also be of help to you.

I hope this helps. Good luck in your search.


Richard asks…

Does anyone know how to get in touch with JOHN PAUL MOORE Of Derry, Northern Ireland?

He was living in New York with my family and he grew up in Shantallow (sp?). He is the 4th or 5th child and has 2 younger siblings. He is about 28 or so now. Please help me. His parents are dicorced and his mother’s name is Eileen and his dad is Joe. He has a brother Joe, and Daniel, sisters are: Margaret, Eileen, Lisa and Donna…there’s another one, but I forgot her name.

Timo answers:

Try the Northern Ireland phonebook

Search for “Moore” in the town of Londonderry, as the Brits like to call it and start with the initial A, otherwise it will return too many results. Keep going through all the Moores you may come across the town name Shantallow (your spelling is correct). Good luck! Here is a link

Jenny asks…

Derry City fan here – John Robertson. A good move or not?

Timo answers:


Donna asks…

when will john duddy fight at msg again?

I really would like to know if anyone has any idea when the derry destroyer might be in New York again

Timo answers:


John Duddy is still recovering from his nasty cut from his last fight.

Ruth asks…

John Duddy????

Has any1 heard of the great John Duddy.You must have!!!!He is a boxer and he is from the amazing DERRY!He’s goin to New York this Friday to fight in new york!GOOD LUCK JOHN DO US PROUD!!!
Plz wish him luck if u want too!He needs all the support he can have!!!

Timo answers:

Yes, there was an article about him in yesterday’s New York Daily News in a section dedicated to celebrating Irish pride in two of the larger Irish neighborhoods in New York, Woodside and Sunnyside since St. Patty’s day is right around the corner. I threw the paper out today but I can get it, scan and e-mail to you if you’d like.

**Good luck!**

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