Your Questions About How To Sell Digital Paintings

John asks…

How can I sell my digital paintings online?

I like to create digital paintings using photoshop. I am wondering if I can sell these like traditional paintings and if anyone has any advice to spare. Thanks. :0)

Timo answers:

There are a host of sites that one can sell your artistic creations from. Redbubble, Etsy, Fine Art America, Deviant Art and Ebay are just a few of the sites that an artist can look at. The challenge with selling online is getting noticed or “found”. The common perception that ones artistic endeavors will speak for themselves is not at all accurate.

To have a decent chance at all one must have their own site as well as the have a presence on some of the free sites. So buy a domain name, start a blog or put up a site (a WordPress Blog is highly recommended), spend some time learning about basic SEO then write about your art. It is a bunch of work with many new skills you will have to discover but the rewards are well worth the effort.

At Digital Art Academy we have some blogging classes and Digital Painting Forum there are many discussions in the archives about this. Additionally some of the other blogs we talk about like Barney Davey’s Art Print Issues,  Alyson Stanfields Art Biz Blog and others will have some great information about selling work online.

Be clear about what your work is. There should be no doubt in your buyers mind what they are purchasing whether it is a giclee print or a mixed media original spell out what your client is getting from you.

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