Your Questions About High Resolution Pictures Of Women

Ken asks…

Is it a violation of Sharia Law for high resolution imagery satellites to take pictures of Muslim women?

Timo answers:

Sharia Law – doesn’t “work” in the modern world.

It certainly is INCOMPATIBLE with ours.

Susan asks…

How often do you use high resolution cameras to take pictures of women changing in their homes?

Timo answers:

Lol,what time is it now?

Donna asks…

Need help finding Hi Resolution Pictures?

I’m a graphic design student at Santa Monica College. My class is doing an assignment in photoshop where we create a movie poster using pictures we have because they need to be high resolution. I need pictures of men and women (maybe kids) in medieval type clothing, ninja or warrior type clothing (and poses), and of people doing dance or cirque du soliel type poses.

Thanks anyone who can help.
I forgot to mention that the poster will be printed and blown up on a 11 by 17 poster.

Timo answers:

Does the college expect you to steal or buy them?

Stock photos might get expensive, but if you run searches on websites like smugmug, deviant art and flickr, you might be able to contact the photographers and strike a deal with them.

I bet many people wouldn’t mind giving you their permission to use the photos for non-profit purposes.

Mandy asks…

Which software programs are good thru great options for drawing fantasy pictures?

I am becoming interested in the idea of drawing pictures of women in fantasy settings. I would like to be able to produce high quality pictures with high resolution plenty of color options and getting very close to making the pictures look real would be nice also. I’m looking to start at a moderate level cost wise and perhaps break into the state of the art programs after I’ve realized profit from the initial purchase and efforts. I also want to be able to make pictures that can be sold as prints. All advice especially from people who do this as hobby or as professionals is appreciated greatly!

Timo answers:

Adobe Photoshop CS3, great, power and advance!

Thomas asks…

can anyone find the highest resolution of this?

here’s a picture.
this is an awesome picture! can anyone give me a link to a higher resolution of this?
or any other picture..where a man and a women are sleeping in each other’s arms
thanks in adv 🙂

Timo answers:

Yikes, that is a horrible pic… It isn’t very sharp…

Try the stock sites… Or contact the webmaster of the site…

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