Your Questions About High Resolution Photoshop

John asks…

whats the best file extension to save a high resolution picture in photoshop?

I just created a 4×6 photoshop image that i would like to distribute as postcards, i want it to look really good so was wondering, what’s the best format to save it under?

Timo answers:

TIFF will probably be the best for a printed image. It is the standard for printed images, because it is a lossless compression.

Remember to change the mode from RGB to CMKY before you send it to the presses though!

Susan asks…

Where can I find high resolution full body pictures of models to photoshop?

Im really getting into photoshop, Besides the fact ive been doing it for 2 years (: I am starting to do professional work and i need full body High Resolution pictures for me to adjust.

Timo answers:

You can check this site

Mark asks…

How do i convert a jpeg image, created using photoshop, into a high resolution image ready for printing?

The image is kinda like an avatar, only much much bigger.


Timo answers:

If you still have the raw files(.psd or esle), open it select image>size and change the resolution(600dpi or so would be good)and the size of the picture.The file may be very heavy
If your project includes a picture from a camera, you’ll have to take the shot again and set your camera to a high resolution.

Sandy asks…

on what websites can i find royalty free high resolution images to photoshop?

absolutly free!!! images of human faces

Timo answers:

I live on this site try and search Stock.

Jenny asks…

Creating high resolution templates in adobe photoshop.?

I need to know if it’s ok to create a high resolution (lets say 900) template, and then decrease the entire template just before you save the file. Is the file able to easily increase the resolution form 300 to 900? I will need to increase the resolution depending on the size of the file the a client would order.

Timo answers:

You don’t have a good understanding of the term “resolution”. Consider how the template is to be used, is it for display on a computer monitor? If so, the image will be displayed at 72 to 96 ppi and it does not manner what the ppi is in the image itself. A 10 ppi image will look the same as one 10000 ppi.

If it is for printing, inkjet printers normally produce very good results at 300 ppi. (Generally, outside printers will also want the image to be 300-350 ppi for the size to be printed.) But it manners how you get that. If the image is only 800 x 600 pixels then at 300 ppi it will print only 2.67 x 2 inches. If you want the print to be 14 x 11 inches, then at 300 ppi it must be 4200 x 3300 pixels. The fact that it might be at one time or another 900 ppi doesn’t make any difference. It all comes down to the image size and the size it will be printed.

On the other hand, lets say you have an image that you created at 900 ppi and the size is 2700 x 1800 pixels. At 900 ppi, this will print 3 x 2 inches. At 300 ppi, it will print 9 x 6 inches. Don’t have to change the ppi in the Resize process, just pick the size you want to print and the rest will take care of itself.

But if you absolutely must change the ppi of an image, in the Image Resize, UNCHECK Resample and plugin any number you wish in the box titled “Resolution”. What the document size numbers change as you do this.

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