Your Questions About High Resolution Photoshop Brushes

Carol asks…

Where can I find High Resolution Photoshop Brushes?

Or a directory that will show me a bunch of places I can download high resolution brushes.
I have over 100 great brush sets, but I’m working on wedding albums now and I need some fancy brushes that will hold up at 275 DPI without being all fuzzy.

Timo answers:

Go to

Michael asks…

Website With Free High Resolution Brushes For Gimp Or Photoshop?

Does anyone know some good websites with high resolution brushes for Gimp Or Photoshop? I already know of
Brushes that I can download! Not Picnik!

Timo answers:

I have all of these , I also have a great many of these as well. I use my 32″ screen for my tools and my smaller monitor for the actual editing. The reason I say this is because I have hundreds of brushes and patterns & gradients and textures & & & so having those little tiny boxes takes me forever to scroll through them all.Doing a search for high resolution or vector brushes in Deviant art may help.

James asks…

Anyone know where I can find high resolution brushes for photoshop 7? Mainly looking for swirls and flowers?

I’m trying to make invitations and I would like to “stamp” scroll work onto them like this:

Anyone know where I can find free PS brushes that are compatible with PS7?

Timo answers:

Google “photoshop 7 brush set”

You can make your own brush out of any image. Make it at least 800×800 dpi, or copy/paste or save and open an image you like.

Leave it as it is, or convert it to black and white and adjust the contrast until it looks right.

Go to file>define brush preset

Open up your brushes. The new preset will be the last one. The black/dark areas will be the color you choose, with varying degrees of transparency depending on the shade of darkness. The white area will be clear.

Joseph asks…

how to access these photoshop brushes?

most of them are on deviantart i think. how do i use them in photoshop? how do i get them onto photoshop off the website?

Timo answers:

Click on the ‘Download’ link on the left of the image at Deviant Art. And download the brush file to your computer. (The file should have an extenstion ‘.abr’ and remember where you are saving it on your computer)

Now open up Photoshop and click the brushes icon on the toolbar. On the tool settings above click on the small down arrow next to the brush size. In the tab that opens up click the small arrow key on the right of the brush size and choose the option ‘Load Brushes’. Now choose the file that you have just downloaded and click OK. You will now have the new brushes added to your default Photoshop brushes. Scroll down the brush list to find them.

If you need more help on Photoshop, check out some great tutorials that would help you to begin with:

Linda asks…

Decide the resolution of an image (Photoshop)?

I’m designing a 2000mm x 850mm banner. What resolution should I put for the image file in Photoshop so when I print it, it would come out with high quality and no blurring.
Should I put it exactly 2000mm x 850mm because I think it’s too much, the white jpeg format of it already cost 15MB.
BTW, please give me some thing related to banner designing (my topic is a student club), such as psd files, free brushes, ideas, free banner, gallery, pattern…etc
Thank you so much!

Timo answers:

For most prints, a resolution of 300dpi (along with whatever dimensions gives you your needed size) is good enough.

For banners that are meant to be seen at a distance, you can go lower. If it is just text, you can go even lower.

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