Your Questions About High Resolution Photos

Mary asks…

How do I take high resolution photos on my Casio Exilim Camera?

Everytime I upload my photos to a website or a photo printing website it always says ‘Warning – Low Resolution‘ photo. So my question is how do I take a high resolution photo so it doesn’t do this?

Timo answers:

You read your owners manual and set the camera to it’s largest size, highest quality setting. It is common for websites to downsize photos which is of no concern. A photo printing site, however, does not. So, if you have the camera set to it’s largest image size, / highest quality setting, there should be no issues with low resolution.

One other possibility is if you are using some kind of online photo editor to edit your photos. These will often downsize the photo, then if you try to use these photos at a print site, the resolution will be too low. You need a quality editor on your computer, (NOT online), and be sure you save any edits as a new file without any downsizing or resolution changes.


Susan asks…

What is the best way to send high resolution photos online so my friend can print them in high res?

The photos don’t need to be stored online but I need to send 12 high res wedding photos to a friend. He will need to also print them in high resolution. What is the best FREE way to send them?

Timo answers:

The best way to send them at true resolution would be to simply email them. It may take several emails depending on your mailbox limits but they arrive at their original resolution. Using zip folders and online servers actually compresses the data and so there is always some associated loss of resolution.

Lizzie asks…

Any way to replace existing standard photos with high resolution photos on Facebook?

Facebook now has a high resolution upload photo feature. Is there any way to replace my existing standard photos I have with high resolution photos on Facebook?

Timo answers:

Just upload them again

James asks…

Why do high resolution photos look fuzzy when zoomed out?

I have noticed many times that a high resolution photo will look perfectly sharp when zoomed in to its actual size, but when I zoom out on it, it becomes distorted and fuzzy. I have tried this with many high resolution photos on many different computer screens and it always happens. What is going on and why?

Timo answers:

In order to view a photo at lower resolution, it needs to be “sampled”, meaning that some of the pixels are rejected.

What it comes down to is that some programs are simply better at this than others.

If you have access to Adobe Photoshop, for example, photos look just as good at 25% or 50% as they do at 100%.

William asks…

What is the best way of sending high resolution photos electronicaly?

I need to be able to send high resolution photos to a computer in a different country. Have heard FTP is the best way. Anyone that knows how to do it that way? Really appreciate all answers. thank you!

Timo answers:

FTP is the best and probably only way to send them.
Only problem is, unless the computer on the other end is running server software, it isn’t possible for you to log in and upload them.

Have you thought about putting them online somewhere and telling whomever it is you are sending them to where they are and just let them download the pics?

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