Your Questions About High Resolution Photos Of Flowers

Paul asks…

Where can I get high resolution vertical photos of flower beds?

If you had templates of red roses, marrigolds etc you could use a computer to constuct your garden plan in advance

Google Earth has these at very low resolution of beds in parks etc

Timo answers:

Eeee. As a Graphic Designer, I can tell you that you can buy high-res images off of the internet. Say at sites like, or, Tha bad thing is that you can’t download images from the internet at a high resolution, until you purchase them. Its one of those things where everyone wants to use the internet to make a buck, rather than help their fellow man sort of deals.
If you had a high resolution vector graphics program, say like Illustrator, you could use those low-res images to create high-res ones. I hope I helped you,
at least a little.

Laura asks…

Alternative graphic formats that support transparency other than GIF?

Can anyone please recommend a graphic format that supports transparency other than GIF? The thing is that I have a high resolution photo of a flower and want to remove everything else from the image other than the flower and then use the image on a website. However,
GIF doesn’t seem to support photos with lots of colours very well. Can
anyone please recommend the best graphic format for using transparency with my photo without losing colour information like JPEG does? Thanks a lot!

Timo answers:

TIFF format support transparency but it will increase your file size than JPEG format.

Sandy asks…

How can I make digital copies of photos on film?

I have photographs of flowers that are already developed into small prints from a while ago. I am looking into selling these, but I’m not sure how to create digital versions. I thought about using my scanner, but I thought that there could be errors and that the pictures wouldn’t be as nice as they could be or with the highest resolution. Can I use something like a Kodak machine at the store to make a photo CD?
Are there any alternatives?

Timo answers:

Take your negatives (or prints) to a pro shop and have them scan them for you… It’s worth it, and will save you lots of time!

Carol asks…

Would anyone want to critique these photos?

I’ve answered hundreds of questions on Yahoo Answers. But I have never posted any of my pictures for a serious critique. But I thought I would just post some of them now and see what people think – just out of curiosity.

These were all taken with film, using completely manual exposure, and I developed the black and white film and pictures myself. These are scans from my original prints. (My scanner sucks though).

These are all large images (high resolution scans) so you might have to zoom out, depending on what kind of browser you’re using.

I took this next picture about a week ago. We just had a winter storm and all the mountains were covered with snow. I took this with my Yashica A Twin Lens Reflex camera and Ilford SFX 200 film. I just wish I had a red filter for my camera:

Here are some other pictures, in color. These are with film, but I took them to get developed at a photo lab, since I don’t know how to develop color film. The first 2 pictures are with the new Kodak Ektar 100 film. It’s great for landscape photos. I didn’t edit the pictures. The colors really are that saturated.

This one is a little underexposed, but I guess it’s not too bad:

And one last picture! I was using selective focus here, to try to get a shallow depth of field and blur out the background a little to draw more attention to the flower. This was with Kodak Gold 200 film. I’m pretty sure I set the aperture to f/5.6 and the shutter speed to 1/300:

I know there are a lot of links and a lot of pictures to look at! Thanks for taking the time to look at these!
Thanks Amber! And yes, I did take all of these myself. That’s another good thing with film…I can always prove that I took the pictures because I have the original negatives! 🙂
hey, thanks a lot everyone for all the compliments. I do appreciate that. But I’m looking for more specific comments. If there is something you like or dislike about the pictures, please let me know what and why.
Edwin, you’re right that most of the B&W pictures could have benefited from a yellow lens filter, since most B&W films are more sensitive to blue and do tend to overexpose the sky. In fact, I did use a yellow filter on the picture of the tree and maybe you can tell that the sky is a little darker with more cloud detail in the picture.

Also, in the picture at the lake (Lake Fulmor) with the rocks at the left side…the film developer was actually too weak. I was using Kodak D-76 and I should have known right away when I noticed that it was already turning yellow. I was just too lazy and cheap to mix up new developer. So that’s one reason why it has such low contrast. That one was my fault.

And yes, the color pictures could definitely benefit with a polarizer and maybe even a neutral density filter…but I took that with an ancient Argus C-4 and I don’t have a filter that will fit that camera 🙁
And Victoria, if I’m using completely manual exposure and I develop my own film, than I think I’m well beyond just “aiming the camera and pressing a button.” But thanks 🙂

Timo answers:

Haha okay time for a long answer get ready!

1st one- I love the vintage/old time look it has, it looks like there’s too much contrast or something but I think that’s what makes me like it so much. I love all the detail in the trees and even the houses across the water. No complaints =]

2nd- I like the reflections and composition but I think it would have more visual interest if you used a contrast filter to bright out more value in the grey areas. My favorite part is the rock off to the left

3rd- I really like this one, that’s such an interesting subject and the branches are focused quite sharply. The branches are a little unbalanced (a lot on the left, more empty space on the right), but that can be forgiven since that tree is just so cool looking. (By the way where do you take these pictures? It looks like such a pretty area)

4th- very pretty scene, you could boost the contrast just slightly so you get a full dark in your value scale. The shadows along the path are quite interesting, and I like the slight curve of the trees at the top. It’d be nice if you focused on one area more sharply to better lead the eye through the photo. I do like the overall composition though

5th- I love this! You have a real range in value and I love the contrast of textures. The horizon line is very interesting and I love that from afar the photo almost looks like stripes of values. Great shot!

6th- (I wish I knew how to develop color film, if you have any interest in color film though I recommend William Eggleston, one of the first color photographers) I really like the sky in this one, the trees look blurred or something (it may just be the scanner though). I think the composition could be more interesting, but I like the viewpoint. The bottom left has a little too much empty space. I’d like it better if you cropped it so the tall red tree was at the left edge. It would create a diagonal line down and right which would make the photo more interesting.

7th- This one I like, the light is very soft and pretty. The branches are interesting the way they reach across the photo. It could be a little sharper focused on the branches. I think you hit the color very well though, the sky especially, lovely shade of blue.

8th- I actually like this the way it is. The vine makes it look kind of creepy (a good creepy though). I love the simplicity of color. The tree on the right is beautiful with the green leaves and the backlight of yellow. I love the brightness of the foreground in contrast with the dark blue of the background. I think this and the 5th one may be my favorites so far.

9th- very pretty, I love how delicate the flowers are. You created a nice mood with the colors and soft light. You did a nice job with the depth of field. It makes me wish i was there right now. The mountains in the background add to the photo as well. I’d say this would also be included in my favorites =]

overall I really like them and I’m glad to see people still using film, in my opinion it’s better than digital, just hard to deal with sometimes and very time consuming. With black and white it’s best to always look for a full range of value (from black to white) unless you’re specifically under or overdeveloping. And good light can be your best friend (creates amazing shadows and depth to photos).
You can check out some of my photos if you’re interested (no film ones since my scanner is broken at the moment, but maybe someday)

Thomas asks…

Printing images from the web?

Help please.

I own a small coffee shop in Cambodia, and would like to put some coffee images up on the wall, you know the kind of thing: red coffee berries, coffee flowers, green coffee beans, etc.

However I don’t have the cash (or a credit card) to order images from a photographer, so am wondering if I searched the web and found some images could they be printed in a high enough resolution to look good framed: I’m not thinking of huge images/photos, maybe A5 size.

If I do a Yahoo (or Google) image search, what size would be a minimum size 500×500 and up? how many ‘k’

Could I save those images to my USB and get them printed on photographic paper?

Timo answers:

You can so all of these things, and the results will look awful… A5 is half a sheet of A4…

Screen resolution isnt print resolution, so if you lift something, the chances are its going to be so small, as to be useless…

Youre in cambodia, its not the back of beyond… Trade with one of your customers, one of them has to have a camera, and you have a coffee shop,,, with products for sale… Shoot them, at about 6megapixels, and youll get a half decent 10 x 8 inch print… Suitable for framing… A 10mp camera, will give you 12 x 16, and a 13mp D90 will give you 16 x 20 inches… Not copyright theft.. And youll get some original artwork… For a few cups of coffee…

And if you want to steal your images, thats fine… But your soul will know no peace…dude, weve all got to make a living…

And 100 quid spent on advertising will recoup itself 10 times over… Dont be cheap…

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