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Lisa asks…

Will Facebook users receive a notification if you click download photo on the new high res photo viewer?

Facebook has recently updated to high resolution photos and in turn has upgraded its photo viewer, removing the ability to right click and save as. If you click the download photo button, will the user receive a notification that you have downloaded their photo?

Timo answers:

Im going to say no. For privacy policies, they prolly wouldnt do that

William asks…

I need a facebook app that allows FULL resolution for photos?

I take really nice pictures, have about 454 albums on Facebook and it really irritates me that even the “high resolution” option that I get now takes FOREVER to upload and it is still not as good as the pictures I take. It really is a crime the way they look on Facebook as opposed to a 27 inch iMac…

I need an app or a way of conveniently sharing these photos on facebook. I’m leery of apps (I literally don’t use any, don’t play games, no farmville, any of that crap) I keep in touch with friends and post pictures and video, that’s it.

Is there any way to get full resolution, not high, not half, not kind of, not sort of… FULL resolution of my photos on facebook in a way that all of my friends can see it without downloading apps themselves or having memberships to Photobucket, Picasa, Snapfish or whatever? Thanks so much in advance.

Timo answers:

~~No to my knowledge, nor could I find anything in researching. Your best option unfortunately is the membership ones, or put up with what FB offers.~~

Sandy asks…

does facebook notify anyone if you ‘download in high resolution”?

i just downloaded on of my friend’s photo’s of him by clicking the button that says “download in high resolution‘ underneath it on the left.
only after clicking that, i realized that it might send a notification to either him(he was tagged) or the album creator…. if it does this would be really humiliating for me.
Does it notify them?? or are they able to tell somehow that i downloaded it?

Timo answers:

Nope They Dont Notify anyone

Daniel asks…

Higher resolution photo for printing?

OK guys I have this picture on my computer that I want to send to for printing the problem is that i cropped it from the original version so now when i send it it it automatically crops my face off because its low resolution what do i do? her is the picture please help me its important!

Timo answers:

Never try to print directly from Facebook; the picture will come out pixelated! Save it to your computer as a jpeg file, and change the resolution to a minimum of 72 dpi– if you don’t have Photoshop, you can use Windows Print and Fax Viewer or Paint, if it lets you.

Linda asks…

How do you put a very big picture on facebook?

Facebook automatically shrinks the size of pictures when I upload it to its photos application. Is there another application where I can upload a very high resolution picture without facebook shrinking it?
My picture is something this big:

Timo answers:

There’s an application called “Big Picture” that you could probably use to your advantage.

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