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Richard asks…

How can I share hi-res photos?

I’m looking for a way to share hi-res photos (preferably for free or very cheaply) online. The resolution on Facebook etc is not high enough as the photos being sent need to be printed on to large canvases.

Timo answers:

Your terminology is making your question confusing. What do you mean by SHARE? If you literally mean to post many hi res photos to share for other people to see and print, you are going to have to use a paid account at what is called a photo / client hosting site. These sites allow you to upload hi res photos, then any potential clients / friends can view the photos and order large prints through the site. The photos are still not going to be hi res on the computer, which you should not want anyway. You cannot view a hi res photo on a computer screen without scrolling all over the screen and only being able to see parts of the photo.

Zenfolio is a great site for this type of service:

Now if you are meaning you just want to be able to SEND a hi res photo to someone, then there are plenty of FTP sites you can use for this. Many email services will not allow large attachments, and that is simply a slow, poor way to send large photos. Using a site such as You Send It allows you to upload large files to the site, then the site sends an email to your client. The client then opens the attachment in the email which redirects to You Send It to retrieve the file and download it onto their computer. MUCH better than trying to tie up email with large files.



Nancy asks…

Is there a way to force a jpg file to open within the browser (if it opens as a download dialog)?

For example I’m in Facebook and I want to view a high resolution photo but when I click “download high resolution photo” it opens a download dialog. I know it’s meant to do that and that’s why it says download.

But is there a way where I can force it to open the image within the browser without actually downloading it, perhaps by a Adblock script?


Timo answers:

AdBlock has nothing to do with the way your .jpgs are opened. It depends on which browser youre using. If you use Firefox, youre in luck. Go to Tools – Options or Preferences, and go to content. There should be an option to change what your browser does with every type of file extension.

If you use Internet Explorer, youre out of luck. If you right click on the image it gives you all the options you have of opening the image. If its not there, then IE wont be able to do it.

Carol asks…

Is there an easier way to send photos to someone rather than through email?

I need a way to send someone 200+ high resolution photographs and I dread sending them via email.. Does anyone know a better way to transfer them that doesn’t involve posting them to Facebook? Is there any type of website that will host the album and allow for the entire thing to be downloaded as a whole?

Timo answers:

Facebook will not store the files in high resolution. Flickr will allow batch upload and individual download, but would require a Pro account for that many high res images. Anything involving email is too slow and runs the risk of files getting dumped for exceeding capacity.

If you have FTP access to a server, that is the way to do it. Most pros have high capacity/high band width storage servers, or at least a Web server, that is used for FTP transfer to clients. You could probably rent a server short term for a reasonable price, $7 per month 150G unlimited bandwidth at Go Daddy. Search Google, maybe there are some free ones.

David asks…

Facebook Uploading Problem?

So I’m currently uploading 125 photos to my Facebook and so far, 82 of them are done and with 14 minutes to go. However, this 14 minutes have been an hour and a bit long and I’ve tried to cancel it but it says it would delete all the uploaded photos. I’ve already wasted 500 meg due to high resolution pictures and I don’t want to start over.

Help would be appreciated! thank you!!

Timo answers:

The exact same thing happened to me except I was uploading a video at the time I was using one of those mobile broadband sticks and when I went back to the WiFi in my house and it uploaded fine so if you’re using a slow connection that can really affect how long it takes to upload photos and videos 🙂

Susan asks…

Can Photographers Answer This For Me?

My friend sent me photos as JPEG email attachments for me to tweak the coloring and contrast on, and then upload onto my facebook page. So I right clicked on each photo attached, selected “Save As” and saved them into my photos in my Windows Photo Gallery. I then went to open the photos I saved there and to edit the coloring and contrast, and realized the photos she sent me don’t take up the whole screen like they do if I’d uploaded them from a camera card, and when i try to zoom in on them, they pixellate and the quality is horrible.

My question is, what does she have to do when she sends them, and/or what do I have to do when I retrieve them, for them to open up as full size, high resolution photos in my Windows Gallery when i go to edit them, like the photos I upload from my camera card? Thanks.

Timo answers:

You don’t have do “do” anything but save the file, you can only save a file at whatever resolution it is, there is no choice to download them at different resolutions. She has to send the full res file in the attachment. She sent you low res files, probably because most of the time, email attachments are limited to no more than 10mb files. Maybe she re-sized them so that she could send them all within her email clients attachment quota, or maybe she has her camera set to capture images at a lower res, I don’t know and can’t suggest a solution without first knowing under which circumstances the images were created originally. What I can do is recommend you advise her to upload her images to picasaweb, set her permissions to allow download, and for you to retrieve the images from her picasaweb page instead of her emailing them to you. I gave picasaweb as an example, because I use it to allow folks in my family to easily download images I take of them, but you could use flickr to do this as well. I don’t use my flickr for that purpose.

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