Your Questions About High Resolution Paintings

Maria asks…

Website where I can find paintings of Rothko, Turner etc in high resolution?

Hi recently i became interested in such artists as Turner, Rothko etc, but i cant find any websites with their paintings in high resolution and good quality. Help!

Timo answers:

Try the Tate Gallery, London website.

Mary asks…

Hi Can you please tell me where i can download high resolution paintings by William-Adolphe Bouguereau?

Timo answers:


Fred Ross, who owns the site above is a collector of bougereau, and has recently commisioned a catalogue of Bourgereau’s work.

You will find the largest and best collection of this artist’s works on the net there, as well as a large collection of mostly reasonably high definition images of representational art.

While I cannot agree with Fred Ross’ politics, I cannot fault him on his choice of art.

Ruth asks…

can anyone tell me where i can view free high resolution digital copies of paintings online?

i need to work on a couple of paintings for a paper. thank you so much!

Timo answers:

Try these sites;

Betty asks…

High resolution portraits for download?

I am in need of high resolution/quality portrait paintings/drawings of Nature, Religious, Hero’s, Gods etc. for printing and framing for my home interiors. Please let me know the sites from where I can get them.
I am very fond of Portraits.

Thanks in advance.

Timo answers:

Lizzie asks…

Where Can I Find (Relatively) High Resolution Images of Norman Rockwell’s Paintings?

Timo answers:

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