Your Questions About High Resolution Image Hosting

Nancy asks…

Tips on laptops for fashion website hosting and more high resolution image transfer?

I prefer an used laptop of budget 20000 or less,,less weight,,do you have any idea or a good website link?

Timo answers:

20000 what? Obviously not US Dollars…

And nobody hosts a website on a laptop. They have dedicated servers for website hosting.

Daniel asks…

Is there any image hosting website that has awesome high resolution pictures? Like morguefile, but better.?

Timo answers:

A website that has some good pics and designs i like is

Betty asks…

Is there an image uploader that can keep the high resolution of my image?

There are 2 computers’ in my house; one has a scanner and the other has Photoshop.

I scan my drawing then upload it on my Photobucket so I can access it on the other computer, but photobucket, tinypic, and Imageshack always resizes my image and the low resolution makes it harder to work with in Photoshop.

So what i’m asking is: Can anyone give me an image hosting website like the ones listed above that won’t dramatically decrese the resolution? Thanks

Timo answers:

Picasa is the best. It uploads to google web albums. There is also Flikr

Robert asks…

where can I find high resolution 3d wii cover art?

I found a few websites that host wii covers, and even found some 3d ones. Where can I find some wii art that is high resolution? or that hosts large images? All the ones I have found are tiny.. I need to stretch them to make them bigger, if I stretch the ones I have they will pixelate.

Timo answers:

Hello friend
to answer your question i would like to recomend you to this site.
It is very well-known and is very helpful.

Thomas asks…

changing a high resolution image?

A while ago, I scanned in a picture, but must have scanned it at something like, 1200 dpi, cos it’s about 97MB, which is obviously too big. I have the image on my computer but it is too big to scan anywhere because no host will accept it. I was wondering if there is any way I can make it any smaller (the host i’m using now accepts a maximum of 15 MB). It may seem like a stupid question but I really don’t know about all this stuff, I just wanna be able to get my stuff up on the internet. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Timo answers:

Well, you can try these steps out :

Open the file in MS paint, then immediately press save as and select the file format to be something like GIF or JPEG. Also, if the resolution of the image is very big, you can drag on the corner to make it smaller.

If u have photoshop, you can do the same thing but much easier. Open the picture, go image -> image size -> and make it something like 25% original size. Then when u press save as, save as a jpeg and move the quality slider down to say 4 or 5.

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