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Daniel asks…

High Res Nascar Stock Photography?

Can anyone find me a site with plenty of high res Nascar photos – royalty-free, of course.

Thanks 🙂

Timo answers:

Nope, get a press pass and get them yourself!!!

Helen asks…

I’m looking for photos of U of K vs. Louisville basketball games (playing each other). Where can I find them?

I’m looking for highres photos for purchase, but preferably free. Anyone know of any terrific fan sites or quick ways to get the photos?
Aside from google images.

Anyway, I’ve finally found images on GettyImages. Thanks anyway!

Timo answers:

I’d check or, click athletics, then see if you can order pictures through there.

Good luck!

John asks…

Where to buy stock photos online for use in design?

I’m the graphic designer and marketing director where I work. We currently use iStock Photo, but my employer is sick of such high prices for stock photos. I agree that iStock is really expensive, (even if the quality and selection are amazing). I like Shutterstock too, but again can’t seem to justify the cost no matter how hard I try to convince my boss.

Can anyone recommend any other sites? I’m trying to find a decent place where we can pay in CDN funds. I’m sick of using low res free stock photos I find elsewhere.

Timo answers:

My favorite stock photo website is

Here is where you can find some other inexpensive stock photo directories:

Another site list can be found here:


Chris asks…

Where can I find a free stock photo of Pegasus?

Highres, if possible.

Timo answers:

You want to buy a photo you can get for free in any search engine?
Anyways I found a whole lot on

James asks…

Which picture sharing service should I use (See Details)?

Here’s what I want it to have:
-Keep photos in high res
-Allows people to vote on photos within an album
-Allows people to comment on photos
-Lots of space


Timo answers:

Go for Microsoft Skydrive or spaces.

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