Your Questions About Hi-res Photos

Laura asks…

How do I search for hi res photos at 3500 pixels or greater of a specific subject?

Timo answers:

Mark asks…

Where can i find some Hi-Res Photos of Lorraine Kelly ?

Looking for Hi Res Photos of the lovely Lorraine Kelly, I can only find really low-Res ones using google ETC

Timo answers:

Why dude ? She was okay a few years ago in a milf sort of way but shes way past her sell by date now

Robert asks…

How do I get hi-res photos onto a CDrom?

I have a PC, and i need to burn a few pictures onto a cd… how do i do that?

Timo answers:

Windows XP (and most others) have CD burning software built into the File Manager (Windows Explorer.) So all you need to do is to drag the file you want to burn to the CD to the CD drive in the Explorer and then stick in a blank CD and burn away! A little message will pop up on the bottom right of the screen and ask you if you’re ready to burn the photos (files) to the disk. Just click message and then YES when prompted.

Joseph asks…

How do you make sure your photo remains Hi-Res after editing on Picnik and Photoshop?

i need help, i did a fashion photoshoot yesterday, and emailed some of the edited photos over to someone who asked for them. They sent an email back asking for the hi-res photos. Does this mean when i edit the photos and save them I am losing the hi-res? I am starting out in photography, and this bit really bamboozles me!


Timo answers:

Hi Becky,
If you’re just starting out in photography then here’s a few pointers that may help you along the way.

For a start, just about everything that Herbie (Above poster) has said is correct. To find out just about everything you’ll ever need to know about photography and how to treat your images you should join Flickr…..

Flickr is divided up into many different groups, and one of them is the Photoshop Support Group. See the link below….

There is nothing pertaining to photo editing that you could not learn from this groups discussions, and hundreds of its members are professional photographers. To read the groups discussions you will have to join the group.

Tips & Hints….
Back up every pic you take to your computer AND to an external media such as a external hard drive. You’ll be glad you done this when your computer goes bang!……

Never work on the original image. Always make a copy and work on that.

While you are working on an image save it every few minutes as a .psd or a .png file. You can open these files as many times as you wish without degrading them.

Only after you are certain that you have finished editing should you save as a .jpg.

I personally save the finished edit as a .psd as well. That way when your customer says, “I love the image, but the brides flowers look kinda dull.” You can say, no problem, I’ll perk them up a little for you. You then edit the .psd file.

So to recap..
You’ll have 4 copies of your image saved.
1) A .jpg saved to an external drive. ( Your original image )
2) A .jpg saved to your computers HDD. ( Your original image )
3) A .jpg copy saved to your computers HDD.
4) A .psd saved to your computers HDD.

Option 3, the .jpg copy is handy to have in case you want to mess about with it at a later date.

Just like Herbie, I think that your email program is shrinking your images. (Change the settings)

Good luck..:-)

Ruth asks…

how much should a photographer charge for copies of print-worthy, hi-res photos?

a girl contacted me on my website and asked how much i would charge per photo. up until this point, i’ve been charging models / bands / actors to get their pictures *taken*, but haven’t sold any prints.

they’ll be on disk, but i’m still wondering how much i should charge per each one.

Timo answers:

I guess you have to be careful. Assuming you have the artist’s permission to sell their images (which you will know you need) it’s really down to the demand. And whether you are running out prints from a high quality printer.

In the UK, i wouldn’t be embarrassed to charge about £50 a disk. – depending on who it is, of course.

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