Your Questions About Digital Painting

Sharon asks…

digital painting?

what kind of programs do I need if I want to start digital painting? Corel painter? Photoshop? I just don’t know where to start.

Timo answers:

I highly recommend Corel Painter. This is easy to use for beginners and will give you very professional results too.

Lisa asks…

Digital painting?

I want to start digitally painting. I have no clue what to use or how it works. Can anyone help me? I have heard of photoshop and stuff before but don’t know what it is.

Timo answers:

Photoshop is an awesome program for digital painting, but you need skills, and obviously know how to draw.
What you need to start:
Photoshop or Corel Painter (basically the same)
A Tablet pen (makes your life easier cuz is like traditional painting, but your mouse will do it, just open the bottom thing takt the ball out and clean it, ull notice dust that will interfere with the friction)
And last but not least I recommend you to check out this:

There you’ll find tutorials from digital painting artists, but dont try anything really hard.
Have fun =)
Thats my gallery, I use photoshop

Daniel asks…

What is the best software for digital painting and drawing?

I’m using adobe photoshop 7 but I’m using it mostly for photo editing and for creating simple image and text effects. I can’t seem to digitally paint or draw any image smoothly. Do I just need to have the skills for digital painting and just stick with Adobe Photoshop 7, or is there a better software that is more convenient to use when it comes to digital painting and drawing?
Your suggestions and opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Timo answers:

Corel Painter is suposed to be very good for digital painting (rather than manipulation)and its what most digital artists I know use and recomend

but personaly I dont get on with it I find all the bells and whistles distracting, so I use openCanvas, its a cheap little japanese program but its easy to use and I find it gives very good results with my tablet, and for me it works in a similar way to traditional media so its didn’t take me long to learn how to use it

I sugest you try the openCanvas free trial at least, you might be pleasantly suprised

Jenny asks…

What resolution should a digital painting (in dpi) be for printing?

I’m curious what resolution should a digital painting be in DPI (dots per inch) for a good print. I know this varies, but I’m looking for some guidelines.

Timo answers:

Those lug nuts are just guessing. There’s an actual formula to determine the proper dpi: 2 x lpi
lpi is not a typo or substitute for dpi. Lpi is ‘lines per inch’ of your printer. Don’t bother looking for that info online or anywhere else because you’ll never find it. But all consumer level ink jets are set at a standard 100 lpi. So following the formula you should set your dpi at 200. Setting a higher dpi will result in greater sharpness but less tonal ranger. Setting a lower dpi results in less sharpness but greater tonal range.
If you are scanning it gets a little more complicated but it sounds as if you are creating inside the computer. The links that soj_goj gave you are for scanning. Not straight printing. For scans you simply multiply the 2 x lpi x (output size/input size) where output/input is a ratio. E.g. Output=16×20 input=8×10. Ratio=2/1 or just 2. So formula would be 2 x lpi x (2)=400dpi
p.s. If you happen to be using a laser jet they are set around 85 lpi. And if you are having your work professionally printed consut the print shop about their printer’s lpi and go from there.

John asks…

What is a good online resource for learning how to do digital painting?

I have a Wacom tablet, and I want to learn more about specific digital painting techniques. Realism is my preferred style.

Timo answers:

Roberto Campus has set a very interesting tutorial here:

This is his main page:

Its not realistic but still very good.

This is another option but the page haves a lot of ads:

If you go all the way the end of the page you will see the tutorial continues, i found this a little more complicated that the tutorial from Roberto Campus.

Good luck 🙂

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  1. Hi
    I want to paint a picture of me and my friend for her birthday using my tablet, but I don’t know what resolution to make it and how big it has to be in order for it to be clear when I print it. I’m going to print it in a shop and I want the size to be 50 x 40 cm or 40 x 30 cm.I don’t think I’ll be able to paint it that size on my computer because it’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to get the proportions right. I tried zooming, then painting, then making it the original size, but my computer slows down a lot when i do that and it takes forever just to draw a line like that. Do you have any suggestions on what I could do?

    • Hi Sherin-
      If you size your image in Photoshop the same aspect ratio but a smaller size, say a 10×7.5 cm and make sure you have a file size of between 25MB and 50MB then pull it into painter and do your work it will print fine at very large sizes.

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