Your Questions About Digital Painting Photoshop

Laura asks…

Which is better for digital painting, Photoshop or Pixelmator?

I mean like for actually painting like with a tablet. I’m not talking about if I wanted to modify a picture of something.

Timo answers:

Photoshop CS5.
Elements is the best version for “painting” with a tablet.

Carol asks…

What is the best tablet for digital art/painting (photoshop)?

I’m thinking of getting a new tablet.
Can you recommend me one.

Timo answers:

Any tablet made by wacom all of their tablets are professional quality i have the wacom bamboo it works great it depends on what your budget is cause wacom tablets range from $79.99 thats the bamboo to $2,199.99 so whatever is in your price range i would start with the bamboo then get a different one if you get really serious with what your doing

Robert asks…

What programs can i use for digital painting that will have a simaler look to painting in photoshop?

and what would they cost?

I dont want anything over 200 dollars

Timo answers:

You’re askiing, potentially, one of two questions:

1) What software looks, on the screen, while one is editing, like PhotoShop? In other words, which product other than PhotoShop has a user interface with a look and feel that’s similar to PhotoShop?

– or –

2) What software can create images and graphic art that’s like what PhotoShop can create?

So that this doesn’t turn into a conversation (which this place isn’t really set up for), I’ll try to answer both questions…

First, the second question…

PhotoShop is an Adobe product, originally designed for use on the Mac; and, as such, it looks and feels like a Mac application even on Windows… Which most hard-core Windows users HATE! Hard core Windows users prefer something like PaintShop Pro… Which is now owned and sold by COREL. The latest version, as of this writing, is “PaintShop Pro Photo X2” version 12.5… Available in the regular and “ultimate” editions. The price is well UNDER $200. And, believe me, there’s darned near NOTHING which PhotoShop can do which PaintShop Pro — at least in the hands of someone (like me, for example) who’s been using it since way back when JASC made it, back in version 2 or 3 or something like that) . PaintShop Pro will even use PhotoShop plugins and brushes and stuff.

That said, in the hands of a REAL pro — and I’m talking about someone truly gifted — PhotoShop is probably more powerful than PaintShop Pro… But only barely.

And, of course, PhotoShop is the defacto standard. No one on CNN, when they’re talking about the Microsoft ad wherein the black guy’s head was replaced by a white guy’s head for the version of the ad which appeared in a country where black folks aren’t liked very much, says that the ad was “PaintShop Pro’d”. They say it was “PhotoShopped.” And that’s because PhotoShop is, like I said, the defacto standard.

So, then, the answer to your second question is PaintShop Pro. But there are many others that can …

…two of which also answer your second question…

The freeware Paint.NET product is, in its look and feel, just enough like PhotoShop that PhotoShop users who really and truly give it a chance nearly always say that they like it. It’s both capable, and PhotoShop-user friendly. And it’s free.


Also, the freeware GIMP has an almost PhotoShop-like way about it, but no so much that it couldn’t use a little improving in order to make it more closely PhotoShop-like. Those who use PhotoShop, and then try to modified modified version of GIMP called “GimpShop” usually say that it’s remarkably PhotoShop like in its look and feel. And it, too, is free.


Those are the answers that come most quickly to mind.

I really must, also, mention XARA XTREME. Early versions of this product were… Well… Okay… Maybe better than “so-so.” But this latest one… Wow! It’s got a whole different interface that takes an old PaintShop Pro user like me a bit of time to get used to…

…but boy it is potent! This thing is SERIOUS. Really serious.


I’d definitely give it a look. If you’re not married to either PhotoShop or any of the others, here… And if you’re willing to spend money, I’d look LONG and HARD at XARA XTREME… Actually the PRO version.

Bear in mind, also, that there’s a free ONLINE version of PhotoShop called “PhotoShop Express” that’s not bad for all the basic stuff.


And if your’d consider an online alternative, there’s the truly amazing SUMO PAINT.


By all means, look at THAT one!

All things considered, unless you’re in love with the PhotoShop interface; and as long as you’re willing to spend a little money…

…I’d go straight to PaintShop Pro. Long-time users who hated that JASC sold it to COREL complain that either version 9 or 10 was the last great version; and that the COREL versions suck. But I couldn’t more disagree. Yes, the COREL versions (11 and 12) are different, but all that 9 and/or 10 had is still there… Even if accessed a little differently in some places. It’s available for like… I dunno… Something like fifty bucks now.


or to XARA XTREME PRO (and I’m not sure I wouldn’t recommend XARA more… At least for someone new to it all).

And to the PaintShop Pro purists reading this: Yes, I realize that version 10 was released by COREL, not JASC… But version 10 was actually created by JASC, but hadn’t been released yet when COREL bought it; and all COREL did was slap its name on it and release it. So version 10 is really by JASC, too.

So, then… Hope that helps.

George asks…

Which Photoshop is best for digital painting?

I was thinking of getting the CS3 but I can’t decide or figure out which one is best. I have looked over all of the editions of Photoshop at the Adobe site as well as other places but I can’t quite narrow it down.

Timo answers:

Digital painting, I would use CS3 or CS4. Both are very similar. Previous versions (pre CS2) won’t have some features you may need.

Paint Shop Pro X2 is a great one for digital painting as well, or Corel Painter.

Charles asks…

how do you digital paint on Photoshop cs3 in anime style?

I want to use Photoshop cs3 to digital paint my anime style drawings…any suggestions?

Timo answers:

Honestly i don’t know how but i hope this website will help you

and look at some of them
just click next and choose some of them

(usually you have to click on the drawing to make it bigger)

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