Your Questions About Digital Painting Classes

Paul asks…

What do you call people who like art (drawing, painting, Digital art, ect)?

Hey guys, so i was watching this show called. “If you really knew me.” and i was just kind of curious. What do you call someone who likes art? As a student i wore what i liked because i liked it, and hung out wit anyone who was nice to me. I belonged to many groups in high school yet i could never figure out what i was labeled as or if i was ever labeled. We were having this discussion in one of my college classes, like what were you back in high school and honestly i don’t know.

In high school everyone was a labeled as something. For example; Jocks, geek/nerds/dorks, emo’s/punks, Loners, bandos, hippies, ect. And I was wondering what class do I fall under/into?
Lets see: I liked to keep to myself, I love to read, I love art (drawing/painting), I played violin for 6 ½ years, I like to play video games. I did Gymnastics, and I love to go shopping.
In school I wore whatever I wanted because I liked it. depending on my mood, like if i wanted to be fashionable i was, if i wanted to be bland and boring I was. I do shop at Abercombie, (I hate that they spray waaay too much perfume/cologne, but they have damn good quality clothes) I was a library assistant. I suck at most sports, and I suck at math (calculus).
I had a lot of Asian (Korean) friends; and I was also friends with students in: theater, the arts, hippies, nerds and some of the punk kids. But I never seemed to get along well with preps and or cheerleaders. I could never seem to get along with them because they all thought they were “Gods fucking gift to the world” and what not. I honestly do not like people like that or I just ignore/avoid them. one time i did have a cheerleader make fun of me then do a bunch of stupid twirls and spins thinking she was the Shiznits, because she was a cheerleader. It really pissed me off, because 1). she didn’t even know me, 2). she was showing off to her friends. 3). she thought she was the fucking messaiah all because she could do a cartwheel and or a handstand. So, i turn around and do a front pike sumersalt at her and she stares at me, then just walks away pure disgust. (Yeah). would occasionally find 1 or 2 nice preps/cheerleaders. But not much.
I dunno, as I said, before I was wondering if anyone knew what group I would belong too in high school.

~Thanks a bunch <3

Timo answers:

You are your own person.
**** the labels, seriously why would you want to fall into these ridiculous stereotypes?
Just be yourself and don’t think too much about the social classification.
At the end of the day, what matters most, is how we lead our lives and our deeds and how we impact others 🙂

Chris asks…

What Hobbies & Classes Are Suitable for Older Adults?

I have found a few suggestions on a site as listed below. Any other suggestions you might have?

# Calligraphy
# Digital photography
# Flower arranging
# Scrapbooking
# Quilt making or sewing
# Computer and Internet use
# Ballroom or square dancing
# Fishing or hunting
# Foreign Language
# Art and Painting

Timo answers:

Any educational class would be good.

Cooking, baking, decorating cakes.


Fly making

William asks…

How do I get better at drawing/painting?

Basically after watching many digital drawings on Youtube, it inspired me to start drawing once again.

How does one improve so much to get to this stage:

Should I take classes, get books… or should I just knuckle down and get on with it?


Timo answers:

Practice, practice, practice. I can’t stress that enough.

I myself sketch, paint, and dabble with graphics, but there was a time that it didn’t interest me. That is until I saw other people’s works and how amazing they looked. Here’s what I did:

1. Went back to school and took some art classes.

2.Practice with your own drawing abilities by researching other artist’s techniques. I myself found this to be a personally favorite method. I prefer to dab into Adobe Illustrator, just like the person in the video you posted along with your question did.

Hope this was helpful 🙂

Ken asks…

modern portrayal of a famous painting?

i’m in digital photography class and i need to find a famous painting and then take pictures of something that looks like the painting, i this is one of the hardest projects i’ve had so any ideas would be great

Timo answers:

Whistlers mother or American Gothic or starry night

Ruth asks…

I have a question about high school electives?

What is digital design? Would it help with Interior Design? Im good at art, so im not sure if i should take painting or digital design. I want to be an interior designer, so if digital design would help I will probably take it. Also, if you have taken either of those classes do you like them? what would you recommend?

Timo answers:

Is digital design the equivalent of graphic design? If so they have no relation, that class works with editing pictures, it’s neat, but nothing like interior design.
I have interior design right now and it’s alright. You learn about the elements of design (lines, shapes, colors, texture) , furniture designs, floor plans, room arrangements, etc. We’ve done projects like decopauge mirrors where you are given a mirror with a large wooden frame then you glue down pieces of tissue with decopauge and it looks awesome. Lot’s of posters about the chapters we learn. Just really artsy stuff I guess. The closest relating class to interior design would probably be an art class, but I’m not positive.

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