Your Questions About Digital Painting Brushes

David asks…

What is the best program for digital painting?

I know that everyone seems to be using Photoshop, but I keep thinking it only has the tools to edit photos. I want a software I can digitally paint using brush tools and all that jazz. Is photoshop really the best option? It’s so darn expensive I’m not sure that it’s worth it.

Timo answers:

Photoshop does have paintbrush tools as well as airbrush tools and line/shape tools. Many pros use it for illustration and matte painting for example. You should first determin what you really what to produce and go from there. if you want the program that emulates natural media the closest that would still be Corel Painter in my opinion.

Charles asks…

Do you use photoshop’s filters at digital painting?

I was wondering.. cause I’m a total noob at painting. All I use is brushes. I found some different brushes for textures but still, how do you make some effects? Are filters used in digital painting in ps?

Timo answers:

Filters can be used if you want. It’s all about personal choice. I usually try to avoid filters because I find in general they make art look tacky and overdone. I will use filters and plugins in the beginning of my workflow but I never leave them just with the filtered effect. It is only a starting place before I work the image by hand. You just have to experiment and see what works for you.

Chris asks…

good digital painting techniques for photoshop?

What are some good brushes to use in photoshop when creating concept art.. digital painting.

My primary medium is 3d artwork, but I’m building a portfolio for an effects company and they require some 2d renderings. I’ve created a few pieces, but I would like some suggestions concerning methods, brushes, etc..

Timo answers:

Create your own brush portfolio, buy the book by Katrin Eismann its all in there. There are a ton of great brushes to download from various sites across the web. If you google free photoshop brushes you will be busy for awhile.

Sandra asks…

wheres a good site that teaches digital painting for beginners using photoshop?

I have seen a ton of tutorials on how to digital paint but they always leave out important steps such as what brush to use and how to blend colors etc. I am very fustrated at this. Anyone have suggestions?

Timo answers:

Many times free tutorials dont have all you need. If you want to learn you will need to invest in yourself. Here at the magazine there are many free tutroaials as well as some great DVD’s that will help you. Also our sister sites Digital Art Academy and the Digital Painting Forum have some good inexpensive opportunites as well.

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