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Susan asks…

Does this picture look like an actual oil painting or a photograph digitally altered to look like one?

Thanks a lot…it’s one of the submissions of an art contest, I’m entering. I’m not sure if I should use analog painting or digital.

Timo answers:

Awww that looks so nice 🙂 It looks like a digitally altered photo to me but some folks paint in traditional media just like that. One of the things as digital artist we fight is to make our paintings look more like traditional media, this is especially true if one uses filters or clone paints from a photo without then putting their own hand to it. Of particular note is lost and found edges, a filter does not allow lost edges at all. Developing visual literacy so one can begin the use of lost and found edges is one of the best places to continue study for an artist using digital medium. My two cents worth anyway!

Sandy asks…

Is Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro better for photography and graphic/web design?

I am a photographer and a beginning graphic designer, and am trying to decide between purchasing Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. I do blog/web design and would also like to try my hand at creating digital scrapbooking kits, vectors, and other graphics too. In addition to that I’d like to be able to edit my photos. Which would you recommend? Thanks 🙂

PS: Cost doesn’t make a difference as I am a student and they would cost within 100$ of each other with the student discount.

Timo answers:

The program are so similar in there ability that which is “better” is a matter of personal choice. I have worked with both and prefer Photoshop myself.

Phototshop probably has crummy support from Corporate but more info on forums, boards and online in general. You will be able to find more tutorials and more add-ons because it is the older program and so has a larger installed user base. Paint Shop was a free shareware for many years until Corel purchased it at version 10. They then “updated” it to make it more like Photoshop.

A third alternative is the free program GIMP. Originally designed as a Photoshop clone for the Linux world, it has recently been ported over to the PC. It can do everything that either photoshop or paint shop pro can do, only it is free. Even if you decide to eventually go with one of the others, I would give GIMP a try. At the worst, you will hate it and then you just uninstall it.

If you are serious about web design, you might want to consider illustrator. Made by Adobe (makers of photoshop) it includes all the graphic features of Photoshop but also includes a lot of extras specifically for doing web page design. It allows you to create both the graphic and the web page in a single application.

Jenny asks…

What site or blog service do I use to post my photos on for future reference?

I have many digital JPEG photos stored on my drive and if they get deleted those MEMORIES are gone forever… I want to set up a site or blog which gives easy access to viewing photos on the web at anytime, anywhere I want to. I just don’t know what to use. I have a tumblr account and a few tumblogs but the way it’s set up is not good for posting tons of photos. I edit in MS Paint and Picasa and Photoshop and GIMP and all that. I have heard bout Flickr and and all. And Picasa has options through blogger. But I’m still not sure whats best for my needs. What would be the easiest, best-looking presented blog/site that my family can access and see our photos?

Timo answers:

Flickr works well… I knew my p.c needed to be wiped and Windows reloaded and I couldn’t save anything to disc so I just uploaded everything I wanted to save to that…which is great as there is no limit to the amount of pic’s you can post…also you can post videos to your flickr photostream too!

Photobucket is pretty good too but then your pictures are in the public domain and can be downloaded by anyone, whereas with flickr you can set it so no one can take your pictures, then if you want or need them yourself you can just reset your account and take what you want off there.

Hope this helps!

Richard asks…

What’s it called when two colors are blended together?

What’s it called when two colors are blended together, but still have their original colors. Kinda like tie dye but not so much…What’s the art/painting term used for this? Primarily dark colors. I want to paint something black and purple but need to know the term… Here’s an example of what I’m trying to get at…

see at the bottom (right) its a blend of dark blue, blue and white…


the top of the water is a blend of different shades of blue..

thanks guys/gals

Timo answers:


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