Your Questions About Digital Art For Beginners

Sandy asks…

Digital Art for beginners???

Heyy guys..
I want to make a digital art peice but have no experience with any software .. or anything else related to making art on the computer 🙁

Any thing suggestions which can make this task easy for me….

Any software that i can download a free trial of is also welcome… But i prefer a software that is user freindly..

Timo answers:

Well photoshop is kind of user friendly but is is complicated at some point, so I would say start with GIMP and than switch over to photoshop or what ever you want. For making cool stiff on comp. Requires dedication, so if u like go for one day than drop it for whole month, its not going to work, so if u want to take a break learn all the components of it than maybe u can take it,
for start go to youtube search up tuts.

Robert asks…

Best, inexpensive digital art program for beginners?

I’m looking into getting a tablet to explore digital art (specifically 2-D images). I hear many programs from GIMP, Photoshop (Elements or more professional versions), Corel Painter (Paint Shop Pro, Essentials, etc), and SAI.

I have a Macbook. So any programs fit for Windows are out.

I need a program that’s relatively cheap and good for beginners but still has a good range of features.

Is Adobe Elements 9 for Mac good?
Photoshop vs. Corel Painter?

Timo answers:

I believe Corel Painter comes with the Intuos Wacom tablet. It is a nice program to start out with especially if you are transitioning from traditional painting to digital painting. I do suggest learning all about Photoshop if you are thinking about a career in digital art.

Carol asks…

My 12yr Daughter is a budding artist. Can anyone suggest a art kit/site and software to help encourage her.?

My 12yr old daughter is getting really good at art. I would like to encourage/help her. As neither me or my wife are artistically inclined. I would really appreciate any suggestions for a beginners art kit (manufacturers and contents) and/or a uk based website and also some software for digital art (suitable for her age/experience which is none) as she has expressed an interest in this area. Many thanks in advance.

Timo answers:

Can I firstly say that it’s great your encouraging your daughter to broaden her talent in art. I can say from experience that art is that subject which people are just naturally gifted at, and to be honest, no one can learn art or be taught it, it’s a gift that either someone has or doesn’t and your daughter has it. That is why I would Just like to say that an artist needs to be aware of the different mediums one can use, for example: water colours, charcoal, acrylic paints or pencil or pastel/chalks. One needs to find their medium and can from there can flourish and practise at it. Surprisingly art is about practise and natural talent. A good site is: – they have alot of art equipment at reasonable prices, no need to break the bank for such things. One more thing encourage your daughter to paint and work on canvas, sketch paper and even things like glass (painting) and also computers for digital art, let her take her own pictures (her own digital camera would be ideal) and make lots of photo montages, these are great ways of practising taking pictures accurately, Good luck with everything, and don;t foregt to take your daughter to other museums like the tate modern, National portrait gallery (have picasso and Cezzane exhibitions) to inspire her and to let her try new ideas and ways of art. For example, the history of art has so many types: abstract, impressionism, pointillism and many more. Hope this helps.

Charles asks…

Free digital art program for a beginner?

I want to get started at digital art,and was wondering what program I could just download for free that works well for a beginner.(links please)

Timo answers:

MS Paint. It comes with windows.
You should familiarize yourself with pixels and pixel art.

Mandy asks…

What are the best softwares for digital art?

Especially anime. I do have photoshop but it’s too complicated, I’m a beginner with it and I think it has many things that aren’t necessary for just doing cute digital art. What are some easier and better made especially for this?
Microsoft PAINT? are you bloody making fun of me?
I do have a tablet but I want a decent software not paint oh man..
thanks but don’t tell me to calm down after someone tells me to use paint.

Timo answers:

Actually, Microsoft paint isnt all that bad especially if you get good at it. The tools are extremely simple and you can create great art with it. Also you could always go to an oekaki board, such as the one on, its free and no download. Chibi paint mode is very similar to photoshop but way simpler. There are also diff modes there. Also, a tablet could come in handy if you arent comfortable drawing with a mouse.
Hope this helps!

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