Your Questions About Cs5 Painting

Thomas asks…

On PhotoShop CS5 I Accidentally Closed The Windows : Essentials, Design & Painting How Do I Get It Back?

On PhotoShop CS5 I Accidentally Closed The Windows : Essentials, Design & Painting How Do I Get It Back?

Timo answers:

You can find them in Window menu > Workspace.

Mark asks…

adobe flash cs5 paint bucket doesn’t work?

i dont know why my adobe flash cs5 paint bucket doesn’t fill, it was working once but it fills the items which i dont want to be filled please help me and sorry for bad english

Timo answers:

Hi, the first thing you need to do is select the color fill and look for the alpha setting, if the value is in 0%, you need to change it to 100%, now you can fill anything.

Good luck

Mary asks…

Why I can not plaint on Photoshop CS5?

So I downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS5 from Adobe. And now I opened it and I can edit any image I want also make it a 3D image but I clicked on Painting up in the right corner and I think there should appear a white fond image so I can paint on it. But no,it is grey and I can´t paint anything on it. So,automatically,I can´t paint on photoshop. Please help!!!

Timo answers:

If you opened image, that image could be png/ gif or indexed or cmyk type image in photoshop,
try viewing as image mode rgb, or save copy as psd file then try again,

if you are making new image, the paint tools should work,
try creating new layer for painting over other image,

Photoshop CS5
help >

other trial tools,
Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3
ArcSoft PhotoStudio
ACDSee Photo Editor

Gimp ~image editor,
Artweaver Free

Donna asks…

Why won’t the brush work for Photoshop Cs5 clone stamp tool?

I’ve watched a tutorial, and I’ve googled, but I can’t get the second step of clone stamp to work. I’ve done the alt-click for the source, and then left clicked over the section I wanted to paint over, but it didn’t work. Any ideas?
I am working on the duplicated background layer.

Timo answers:

Are you working on a fill or adjustment layer? If you have multiple layers open, you may be working on a layer that actually doesn’t have anything in it, or is a layer/clipping mask.
If I can help in any other way, just say so! Best of luck!

Susan asks…

how can i make photoshop cs5 run faster?

i just got photoshop cs5 and everytime i do something runs slow. when i use bucket paint it takes like 5 minutes to load and its like this with almost everything. please helpp

Timo answers:

The problem isn’t in Photoshop, but in your computer. You might not have enough memory.

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