Your Questions About Cs5 Painting

Paul asks…

HELP! photoshop cs5 any ideas of whats going on?

Can someone help me?! i just downloaded and installed cs5 and i pressed on it and all that is coming up isthe paints and the brushes and whatever else is on the side

the middle where you are suppose to actually use that stuff isnt coming up…. what do i do?

Timo answers:

Well, 17 hours of free new video tutorials were recently released for all Adobe CS5 products, including 4 hours for Photoshop CS5 which could be helpful to you

Susan asks…

I need lots of help with Cs5?

Is cs5 easy to use or is it brain racking? What do you guys use it to make? I have this really cute pic I made on paint and I want to make it more than a picture(like animate it or other stuff) so can I copy and paste it on to cs5 flash?

Timo answers:

The best way to find out how Flash works for you is to try it out
You can download a 30 day trial from Adobe. More then enough time for you to animate your picture.

Google Flash tutorials, there are plenty, you’ll want to look at importing images and keyframes. You might also be interested in ActionScript.

Flash can be tricky, but some people get it right away and make amazing stuff. Best of luck.

Steven asks…

How do I increase the bit depth of a png file?

I’m using something called blade engine to write a visual novel. Unfortunately, it only accepts 32 bit depth PNG files. My current file has a bit depth of 24. I need to increase this, without lowering resolution or image quality. I have paint, and Photoshop CS5.

Timo answers:

Try to add an alpha channel to the file through Photoshop CS5, see if that won’t do the trick.

Linda asks…

How Do I Reduce The Size Of A JPEG Image Without Reducing Its Resolution?

Can I do this using Photoshop CS5 or Office 2010 or even Paint?
Please let me know whatever ways you know to do this.
Really appreciate your help.
Thank You.
I need instructions in steps.

Timo answers:

Without changing resolution (or dimensions, as you probably mean), you can reduce the ‘quality’ or amount of compression.

In Photoshop, the File > Save for Web command should let you preview different quality settings.

Mark asks…

What are some good free image editing software?

Other than CS4/CS5 😉 ha!

Anyway… Gimp or Paint.NET any good?
Oh, I have CS5 btw, but I’m just looking for an alternative just because I’m curious.

Timo answers:

It depends on what you need to do. is good. GIMP is almost as good as Photoshop. If you want to do a little touch-up, GIMP is like crossing the street in a Boeing 747.

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