Your Questions About Corel Painter Sketch Pad

Thomas asks…

Autodesk SketchBook Express 2010 vs. Corel Painter Sketch Pad- What’s better?

I’m installing my new graphics tablet, a Wacom Intuos4. With it I get two free downloads, my options are Adobe Photoshop Elements, Autodesk SketchBook 2010, and Corel Painter Sketch Pad. I’ve already decided to go for Photoshop, but I can’t decide between Corel and Autodesk. I’ve read great things about both programs, so I’d like to hear some other people’s preferences. Thank You!

Timo answers:

Well i have painter 11 and its an ablolutly amazing program. Im not sure about sketchpad though. I would go with painter sketchpad due to the fact that autodesk isnt focused on developing programs for digital art but more for cad and 3d. I bought 3ds max 2010 and autocad 2010 and there excelent programs but there sketch pad isnt near as good as painter.

Robert asks…

Corel Painter Sketch Pad… Uploading to deviantart?

I just got a tablet and I was wondering how do I upload art from Corel Painter Sketch Pad to Deviant Art? All answers WELCOME!

Timo answers:

You can save the page out from Sketch Pad as a jpg or PNG then upload it to DeviantArt.

You can save a page with the ‘export page’ button (Third on in the top bar)

hope this helps


Lisa asks…

Photoshop Elements 7, Corel Sketch Pad, or Autodesk SketchBook Express 2010?

I’m buying an Intuos4 with Corel Painter 11. The site that I’m buying from also offers the above 3 programs (of which I can pick two) for free with my purchase. My question is… which do I get? I definately want the Corel sketchpad, I’ve heard many good things about it. I’ve also heard good things about Sketchbook Express. But would it be redundant to get two sketch programs? I’ve also heard that Elements is rather slow and not too terribly good. I already own a copy of Photoshop 6, so should I risk getting Elements?

Timo answers:

Definitely one of the sketch apps. Sketch Pad will sync with Painter. My experience with Elements has been good. The newer versions are huge and open more slowly than previous versions but, once opened, they work really well. I’m inclined to recommend you get Elements 7 for a couple of reasons. PS 6 is a very old program that’s no longer supported by Adobe. If you want to download and use any of the newer brushes, plugins or actions developed for Elements or Photoshop, you’ll need the newer program (the program’s coding changed with PS7 and PS CS). Elements 7 has also made it easy to install actions – for a change;-) It has a lot more functionality than previous Elements versions. And both Photoshop and Elements have introduced Smart Objects and Smart Brushes that the older versions lacked. You don’t have to uninstall PS6 when you install Elements so, if you need to, you can always go back to it to do things that Elements might not do – like vector graphics.

David asks…

Best drawing program for sketching?

I have the wacom intuos 4, and am currently playing around with programs such as Photoshop Elements, Sketchbook Express, and Corel Painter Sketch Pad, which came free with the pad. They are very nice and easy to use, but I would like something with a larger selection of sketching tools and programs with better brush sensitivity.

What would you recommend I use for sketching, flash, and cartooning?

Timo answers:

Try GIMP it is open source freeware. There are tutorials for users.
It is the download site:

Michael asks…

I’m choosing a drawing software but i don’t know what to choose?

Ok they me gave this list
Adobe Photoshop Elements 8
Adobe Photoshop Elements 6
Autodesk SketchBook Express 2010
Corel Painter Sketch Pad

But which one is the best out of all of them? But wat is the Photoshop used for basically? Should I get two, like the Corel Painter and the Photoshop Element 8 for drawings? or only the Corel Painter? Because I just want to draw and be creative.

Timo answers:

Get Corel Painter, 12 is the new version and it just came out weeks ago.

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