Your Questions About Corel Painter Mac

Paul asks…

is corel painter only available for mac? any similar software for windows?

Timo answers:

I don’t think so, it’s also for windows. And yes, there are other similar programs out there that are user friendly and have many features.

Richard asks…

Mac os x, how to Use 30 day trial software forever(Corel Painter IX, etc), is there a trick?

For Other cheaper software , you just delete the plist file in the preferences folder, and then it works again , the 30 days is reseted and you can go on using it forever. But Corel Painter doesn’t seem to work that way. I deleted the plist files and reinstalled the trial and still says the 30 days are over.

Is there any way to use it more?

Timo answers:

They made a file, around 30 days ago… It’s hidden away… And you can’t find it with simple finder searching.

Using unix you can search the whole disk and find the files that were created around that time… And then delete it.

You can create another on the machine … Install it agin for the new user.. And look for the freshly created file… But sometimes that hidden away file is shared for all users!

Maria asks…

Any suggestions for a new tablet to use with Corel painter??

I use a pc not a mac.
My last one, got second hand and the pen stopped working.

Timo answers:

Second-hand Wacom. You may need to replace the tip (‘nib’) but besides that they break really rarely (maybe bad luck?) and new ones cost a lot.

Don’t buy any other brand than Wacom, they all suck.

Chris asks…

What’s Better? Corel Painter Or Photoshop?

I’m just starting college studying Graphic Design and I was going to buy some type of drawing program for my mac, so I am confused on which program to buy for my course, I was thinking about photoshop but corel painter is made for digital art. So which one should I get?

Timo answers: is another FREE program which is similar

Sandra asks…

How many installs can I use with Corel Painter X?

I just bought the full version of Corel Painter X on Ebay. I am itching to use it but hesitant because I’m afraid my computer may not last too much longer. I would just like to know how many computers I can install this product on? I’m currently using a 3 year old Sony Vaio and am hoping to get a Macbook in a few months. Would I be able to uninstall Painter X once I get the MAC and install it again? or am I stuck with only 1 and final installation/activation?
this program is PC/MAC compatible

Timo answers:


You can not install programs for a PC on a mac.

You can un install and reinstall it a million times if you so wish.


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