Your Questions About Children’s Portraits Prices

Paul asks…

Which would you prefer with your Canon Lens?

I know having both USM and IS on your lens makes it that much more pricey, so since it has to be either or would you settle for having USM or IS?

I’m looking to get a moderate priced walk around lens (portraits/child’s sports games), as of now I’ve been looking into 55-250, 75-300, or 28-135. what are your experiances with any of these?

Timo answers:

It really depends on what you want. If you are looking for a lens to go along with your 18-55mm that will let you do sports the 55-250mm IS is the best choice of the three.

If you want more of a one lens solution the 28-135mm is a very good walk about lens. You do lose out on the wide angle end and it is really not long enough for sports. It is probably the best quality of the 3 lenses.

The 75-300mm is longer that the 55-250 but it is probably the worst quality lens of the 3.

My choice would be the 55-250mm. This is conjunction with your 18-55mm will cover 95% of anything you want to shoot.

If you are looking for a very good portrait lens you can’t be the 50mm F1.8. The large aperture does very good in low light and gives a nice shallow depth of field on portraits. Cost is about $100.

Mary asks…

I am an amateur photographer….what should i charge?

I do things a little different. Please don’t judge just help. Thanks! <3
-The type of photography I'm doing so far is family portraits/children’s portraits, on location.
-But I would like to also know a decent pricing for senior portraits regular portraits, and real estate shots.
-I post all the pictures (ranging from 60-120) on a website and send it to my clients so they can order what they like.
-I take the time to take a LOT of pictures. After I chose the best ones I edit a lot, if not all of them.
-I’ve only been “hired” about 4 times. but i’ve taken a LOT of pictures for quite awhile and people usually love them.
-The amount I’m getting paid is really varied. The highest I’ve gotten is $40 and the lowest is $15. (Both paid to me by the same client)
-I just would like a little bit of stability. I know it’s early in the game but I want to have some piece of mind, knowing that the price I will receive will be fair for me and my clients.
-What would be a good flat rate and a good hourly rate?
I live in California and am young……..if that makes a difference.
(p.s. in this case young means under 20)
@shawnzmojo102 Yea I do put a LOT of work into post production, but i’m not good at making decisions and I would rather give my clients a wide variety and all the good pictures because they may love something i decide not to give them. So I want to give them all the good ones. And I want it to be the best for them and for me. Everything you said was good/helpful but you never actually gave me a price suggestion.

Timo answers:

This is very tricky, there really is not rule that is a “one size fits all.” I think you need to start off low and gain experience and gradually raise your prices.

What those prices should be varies greatly with the details of the job. Work up some basic prices for things that are requested most often, so much money for so much time, additional cost if you have to travel past a certain distance, etc. See what other in your area charge and use that to help set your scale.

I had a student who would do a portrait shoot, have a amount of time that was the limit, then she would take the photos and edit them, keep the best 20 (think that was the number) enhance them (she is very good with photoshop) and pt them on a CD or DVD and hand it over to the customer for $50 which is a bit cheap but she is a student trying to make some extra money and it did help her move up to a DSLR.

There are some thoughts to confuse you more! : )

Good luck.


Maria asks…

How much would a tattoo like this cost?

If someone was to get a face…you know like their child’s face(portrait) on their arm or chest..something like that…how much would something like this cost? I am trying to get this priced so that if I called tattoo parlors, I would know if they were charging too much, or if the price is about right….

And before anyone answers rudely…..just do me a favor, and go find another question to answer…thanks!

Timo answers:

It depends on the size.

If you are wanting to get a fair price, find a trusted professional tattoist. IMost professionals are not going to rip you off because they get a lot of their work from recomendations. I’d rather pay a bit extra for someone whose going to make a good job.

You could also phone a few tatoo parlours and see what the difference is in price.

Ask if they’ve done portraits before, go into the parlour and see if you can look at any examples of their work. Remember a tatto is for life, you want a decent job doing. Take a picture along with you so they know what your wanting and can give you a more accurate price.

Lisa asks…

Toddler Green Dress Shirt, Can’t find one!?

My family will be taking our first set of Family portraits with our newest addition next weekend, YEAH! I have a cute lil red dress for her and was wanting to find a dark green dress shirt for my 2 year old (who wears a 3-4T) so we can take holiday pic also. I have a nice vest that i found at goodwill last week. I was allover our shopping area today and could find it.. searched the Mall (JCPenney’s Sears, Old Navy, Gyambery, Children’s place), Ross, Khols, Target, and NOTHING! I can’t seem to find one within a reasonable price online either… Any ideas
I can sew but I doubt i’d have time this week…. do ya’ll think that dying a white one would work…. idk

Timo answers:

Don’t worry you will find one after the picture, it happens to me every time.
Get a white dress shirt and Rit Dye and dye it green. Since he is wearing a vest you could use a green turtleneck.
Try Ebay,

Mandy asks…

Is it rude for someone to ask you to pay for their child’s professional pictures if you want one?

A family member has decided to get proffesional pictures of her son and the proofs just came back. She said the packages must be ordered in about 4 days and she give out prices to everyone including people on her facebook. She expects you to make an order, anotherwards pay for her package of photos of her son so that you can have one. Is it just me or is this crazy? I’ve always had pictures made and handed them out for free. It’s kinda like a gift you give out, and honestly I don’t care enough to have someone’s portrait to buy it from them, I’ll just take picture of them with my own camera if I want a photo.

Timo answers:

I agree with you. I don’t get pictures of my two done and then expect people to buy them.

Ignore the Facebook quest and if she contacts you and asks what you want done, say “thanks but I am going to have to say no thanks this time”.

If she keeps going on, then you just need to say “I have some wonderful pictures that I have taken myself. These will do.”


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