Your Questions About Canvas Paintings For Sale

Donald asks…

How much money can canvas paintings sell for? At a garage sale? They are new watercolor, artist unknown.?

Oh, sorry, a few are 12×16, and 16×20
sorry, inches

they are really good paintings.

Timo answers:

It depends on the subject matter and who comes to the garage sale and how much you want to get rid of it.

Sandy asks…

How much could you expect to get for a hand painted canvas at car boot sale?

where’s the best place to sell your paintings?

Timo answers:

The best place for that kind of sale would be a craft/art show where people come expecting to buy art. Even booth sales at a “Heritage Fair” or “Harvest Festival” can do poorly. At a boot sale, you are competing with those “Starving Artist” ads “Real oil paintings for $19.95” where low pay painters in China stand in front of 6 or 8 identical canvases and paint the dabs of one color on each in turn then change to the next color.

Linda asks…

How do I get my canvas paintings up in a gallery?

I have two paintings that I made of Johnny Depp characters. One of Willy Wonka and one of Edward Scissorhands. (30″ by 24″ for sale – $200) I was just wondering recently how I might get my art displayed in a gallery. I have more Johnny Depp paintings in the making. One of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and one of Jack Sparrow : ) I think the four of them would be a great addition in a gallery because everyone loves Johnny Depp and it would generate a lot of attention for walk throughs. I just need to know how to get my work in a gallery. Any ideas/thoughts?

Timo answers:

Here are some ideas:
1. Tell everyone you know that you want to exhibit in an art gallery and ask them to introduce you and/or recommend you and your work to the gallery owner.
2. Send emails with photos of your work to galleries in your area.
3. Take your paintings and go in person to galleries until you find the right one for your work.
4. Be sure to sign a contract – galleries take a high percentage of the sale price, so you have to negotiate in order to get the amount you expect.
5. Never give up on your ideas or dreams!

Sharon asks…

Are my paintings ok without frames or anything for a small show?

I will be showing 5 of my paintings in a local art show at a community center with one other artist. They are aware that I am a recent college graduate and still a beginner but will still be showcasing my art. In fact, I have to price each piece for sale, which I’m nervous about! Also, the majority of my paintings are on large canvas in which I did not paint the sides of them. My teacher at the time suggested we not do so but now they look sort of incomplete from the sides and many of them have paint dripping down them. I think it looks messy but don’t have the space (or the time) to fix it and I don’t really want them framed. Will this look extremely unprofessional? What do most people do with paintings in a show?

Timo answers:

One word: Presentation.

Though it matters not about the edges, sadly many people will be distracted.
If you’re trying to reach an audience (especially one to whom you could sell a piece) everything must be exactly right, if you’re simply sharing your work, it’s all about what you want.

Betty asks…

If someone finds you commission work, what is a fair percentage to give that person after a sale?

I build canvases from scratch and then paint and then transport paintings. The guy that finds customers takes 50% of the sale price for finding people to buy. He doesn’t do much as he has a store front and people come to him.

Timo answers:

Writers, actors and directors agents all get the Hollywood standard (set by each one’s union and guild) 15%. However, art galleries usually charge 40% (yes, 40% is the nation-wide average for galleries, not 50 or 60) because, unlike agents, they have a much higher overhead to operate and maintain galleries open to the public, including the promoting of the artist’s works and exhibits. 40% is the average. 50% is a little high.

However, you’re not actually selling art, so you’re system is entirely different. You’re selling hand-made canvases. In other words, a consumer-based product, just like a brush maker or toy maker or maker of shirts or shoes. But perhaps you can get him down to the 40% level by suggesting you could take your products elsewhere? Try a little bluffing and see if it works. Or shop around and see if you can get a better deal from other store owners.

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