Your Questions About Corel Painter Tutorials

Helen asks…

Where can I get good Corel Painter X tutorials?

Hi guys , I need some good tutorials about painting in corel painter like a pro .. just like the folks in cgsociety and conceptart !!! .. plz ?? I already looked in Corel website, they’re good, but I want more tutorials on Corel Painter X. Can you offer me links and such?

Timo answers:

Hi! There are lots of links to Corel Painter tutorials if you just do a Google search for them. Of course we have a ton of free things here are the magazine blog. Subscribe to the mag for sure, then check out our forum at Digital Painting Forum, look at the Digital Art Academy as well. If that doesn’t satisfy the need for good tuts here are some others that will get you started:,_Help,_and_Tutorials/

Also there are a number of tutorials on

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