Winifred Whitfield Webinar: Intimate Portraits for Women

Winifred Whitfield Webinar: Intimate Portraits for Women

Winifred is a sought after speaker with PPA and WPPI. She will be speaking at WPPI again this year in Las Vegas. She will be the quest presenter for the October webinar.

You can see some of Winifreds portrait work at

Webinar is OCT 21, 8PM CST


The webinar will be next week Thursday Oct 21 at 8pm CST. That is 7 MST, 6PDT and 9 EST.

The cost is the same as our previous webinars at $37 for the webinar or $47 for the webinar and download.

This Event is Limited to 100 Attendees

Okay, so what do I get?

This webinar includes:

  • Full-one hour live presentation with Richard
  • Thirty minute Q & A session
  • Full chat log download
  • Written or audio answers to the question presented in the Q and A session.
  • Note: If you cant make it to the live presentation you can purchase the download as well through the ONE TIME OFFER which comes up in the payment process.

All of this for $37 bucks, even with the download it is still less than Dinner and movies.

Webinar is OCT 21, 8PM CST


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What if I cant get to the webinar?

A:You don’t have to be present during the live webinar, it will be recorded. The recording is available for an additional $9.95.¬† After you purchase you will have the opportunity to select the one time offer which includes the download and a bonus. The download will be available about a week after the live event.

Q: How do I get the link to the webinar?

A: From the mistakes I made during the Digital Art Summit we made some small changes. One of those changes is automating the link process. When you complete the order process a link  will be sent directly to you.

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