Time Stealers Keeping You From Creating?

Web Resources for Time Management

I have been cranky lately.  I think the reason why is because in the last few months I have succumbed to one of the challenges that many face; my business is getting in the way of my creating art.  I love to create.  Photographic imagery, painting, papermaking and writing, I have to have one or more of those outlets daily or I get bearish.

In our business,  sales on digital art educational materials and the Digital Art Academy are down, the Digital Painting forum is down, the magazine is booming and commissions and print sales are way up.  I am not sure why some are up and others down… as a marketing geek it is irritating not to know.  In fact specific to commissions, I have found that when I have more commissions than normal, I still get cranky.  Why?  I am not creating just for me.

Running a business gets in the way.  It is a challenge that we all face.  There are a ton of things one must do to compete in our field and now it is even more difficult with internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing etc.  Like many, I just want to create.

For some artists a vision of a perfect world would be them hanging out in some exotic location creating till there heart is content.  Then they would send their wonderful pieces of art back to the studio where a long line of patrons await with bleary eyed excitement for the unpacking of the new creations.  There is a mad frenzy over who gets what, the clients with cash want to go first.  Credit cards are relegated to the end of the line and every piece sells at a premium.  Right.  In all successful small businesses time must be spent in marketing, sales, strategic planning an a myriad of other tasks outside of our primary skill area.

For me I have found that I have to schedule creation time.  Not a time for painting commissions, not working on hand embellished artist proofs and not pumping out prints.  A scheduled time for new stuff, time to peek through the idea book that continues to grow, and time to create one of the projects in the idea book.  It seems odd that I have to schedule time to do what I love the most.  Many of you know me well so you know that organizational skills are not my strong point (a gross understatement).  I am mach 3 with my hair on fire so I have to plan things out or I just go no where fast as my Grandfather used to say.

So I want to give you just a few blogs that I read daily that are tremendous resources.  These sits help me to organize, plan and market.  I generally read 10-12 blogs daily and the ones I read do tend to change a bit.  These are not new to you, I have spoken of them before but I thought now would be a good time to review them again especially for the newer readers.

Barney Davey and his Art print issues site is a must read.  Barney is one of the leading authorities in the Art Print Market and author of, “How to Profit From The Art Print Market”.  His blog in entertaining and informative.  If you want to learn to sell prints this is the place to go.  While you are on his blog spend some time checking out some of his other sites and be sure to go through the archives.  Keep your eyes peeled as we will be hooking up with Barney for a webinar in the very near future.

Dan Duhrkoop has an incredible blog called Empty Easel.  It is a great resource for independent artists.  Dan is also the creator of Foliotwist.  Empty Easel is also a daily must read.

Alyson Stanfield’s Art Biz Blog is one of my daily jaunts as well as a few digital specific sites that I really like.  For a list of other blog and web resources you can check out our blog posts from the 12 days of Christmas.

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