Tim ONeill Impressionistic Portraits-Resources

Here are the downloads. The streaming video is at the bottom.

Download Part ONE-Painting Skin File here

Download PartTWO-Painting the hair and clothing here

Download Part THREE-Painting the Background here

Download Part Four-Dodge Burn here

Here is the chat transcript and questions:

Chat Transcript

QA Transcript

Following are the streaming links. You can watch it here if you like.

Part ONE Painting Skin

Part TWO Painting Hair and Clothing

Part THREE Painting Backgrounds

Part FOUR Dodge and Burn in PS, Muck, Emerge and Finish

If you like the webinar even with all of the techincal challenges you can leave a comment at the link below. At the time of this writing there is not much of a post there. I will fill in with comments and a description. This is the public blog post regarding the webinar.

childrens-impressionistic-portrait/ blog comment page (click here)

Finally here is the place you can download Dens Oil Brushes. They are the proprietary property of Artist Denise Laurent. You can see Denise’s award winning contemporary animal art at http://www.deniselaurent.co.uk/

Download Dens Oil Brushes here


  1. elene porter says:

    Hi TIm,

    The webinar was very interesting. Unfortunaly I was\’nt able to listening all the class. I try to download the file on my desk to put on a dvd is this possible?

    sorry for my poor english

    best regards

  2. Tim,

    The link for the third video, Painting Backgrounds does not seem to be working.

    Dave P

  3. It was a great webinar. I love the Impressionist look. I am anxious to review the videos you sent us.

  4. Great instructional webinar.

    There were so many excellent tools and processes presented. I will add Diving proportions to my tool box. I actually prefer its compositional structure and crop to rule of the thirds – they are different. Thank you.

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