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Digital Painting With Marco Bucci

Digital Painting Webinar With Marco Bucci

Marco Bucci painting

Digital Painting With Marco Bucci is a two hour webinar recording showcasing a landscape painting tutorial from start to finish. Included with the webinar are 5 of Marco’s  brushes the video recording and the chat log. The price is 25$.

The original webinar was recorded on Saturday June 5th at 2 CST. Upon purchasing, Paypal will send you a link to the page where you can watch the 2 hour video.

The page is password secure so a password will be sent separately. Please allow 24 hours for  your password.

NO Longer Available

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry will sell out.

I just put a blurb on the sign-up page for Johns Webinar. I host these webinars on GoToWebinar. The fees associated with this platform can be paid monthly or annually. The subscription we currently use at Digital Paint Magazine I pay monthly. It used to be 99 dollars a month for up to 500 lines on a webinar. Now it is 399 for 500 lines. The next break is at 100 lines and that is 99 a month.

So I obviously choose to downgrade our subscription. That means we have only 100 lines for this webinar. Over 75 are already gone. What we will do is give anyone that signs up BEFORE the webinar the download and brushes for 25.00 (but there are only 100 lines). So if we have 150 people sign up before the event we will give the seats to the first 100 and the remaining 50 will get the download and brushes for the 25 price.

After the event the brushes and download will be 30.00. You can sign up here: Corel Painter Brushes Webinar