7 Steps to Selling Art Online

Daniel Tardent shares tips and 7 Steps to selling art online

Are you like the majority of the artists who experience dismal results with their online marketing? Do work harder put for than ever more effort and are more persistent than ever but you keep getting the same results? No traffic, no sales.

Why is that? If you are like most online entrepreneurs it is because they don’t use a system! Consistent success in any 21st century business requires a systems-based approach – and why should your art business be any different? Selling art online in not easy but…..

Daniel Tardent from Beautiful Artist Websites takes you through a simple yet powerful systems-based approach to successfully market your artist website!

If you need a great website that is easy to optimize for the best search engine traffic check out Daniels website designs and product at Beautiful Artist Websites. If you already have a website and want to implement some of the techniques Daniel shared you can purchase his program here at SEO For Artists.

Note: this link is an affiliate link, which means we will derive some benefit if you decide to utilize the services provided.

Digital Paint Magazine on Imagekind Blog

I just got a note from John Kraft with this link.


The folks at Imagekind decided to highlight the interview we did with John Kraft. How cool is that? We will have some content on the blog about selling online. A ton has been written already by Dan at Empty Easel, the folks at Wet Canvas, Clint at FineArt Views. But we will put our nickels worth in  there also.

Dan at the Empty Easel has probably done the most research along those lines.