3 Tips to Help Market Your Art With Facebook

Market Your Art on Facebook

I have been reviewing my workflow of my businesses and I have discovered a few things: 1-I work way to much, 2-I don’t paint enough, 3-My creative outlets have taken on more areas that image creation, 4-I need to get back to basics.

So to get back to basics I will begin to paint and write more.  So today I thought I would begin by re-cycling some of the information I have had at art marketing buzz. Since launching the magazine I have not really focused on writing marketing pieces.  For me, writing is an extension of doing or being.  So if I know I am going to write more that means I will begin again to research, try new things, fail and prosper; basically get back to the process of constant re-renewal.  So today we will take a peek at FaceBook.

These four Facebook tips are really simple and effective for helping you meet more people and potentially sell more art.

1-Frequently post new photos and paintings.  This is an area I really need to focus on. The biggest photo sharing website is not Photobucket or Flickr…it is Facebook.  Having a good representation of your digital photography, digital paintings or your traditional media images is a good way draw in some new viewers to your profile.  People on Facebook love beautiful imagery.

Also keep in mind when you upload photos, several thumbnails go into the “newsfeed” of everyone on your friend list as well as on your wall.

The caption on your art is important here. Use your keywords to help name those images when you are using them for web content.

2-Comment on other peoples goodies.  Posting only your own stuff is not cool.  Become a resource for information. You can get hooked up with Google alerts to help keep you informed of a specific topic.  Its easy and free.  Getting involved in discussions and providing information for others will pay big dividends.

3-Leverage your time by Linking Twitter to your Facebook.  You can use a platform such as tweetdeck to make this very simple.  You can download tweetdeck for free at http://wwwtweetdeck.com

4-This is totally cool. You can add the “profile HTML” application to your profile page. What this means for you is that you can add html code into your profile page. Cool.  That means it could be a banner ad or anything using code.  I am going to put an opt-in box for the magazine there.  The only thing to do an opt-in page you need is the code from your chosen auto-responder.