May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine:Florals

May Issue of Digital Paint Magazine:Florals

in perusing the posts in the blog I noticed the May issue of the magazine was missing. What gives? Good question, maybe the fact that I turned fifty toward the end of April has something to do with it. Nah…I am still just a babe in the woods so that must mean that I just plain forgot to publish the draft. Yea thats it. I will stick with that.

I know most everyone is on the mailing list and it gets sent to you but just in case you want to refer back to it and you didn’t save the PDF in a folder on your desktop clearly labeled DIGITAL PAINT MAGAZINE….here you go.

The May Issue Of DPM has some cool stuff in it for sure. There are some tutorials from a bunch of awesome artists that will give you ideas and some step by step direction in photoshop painting and using Corel Painter. Awesome.