Sell More Digital Paintings With This Marketing Secret

How can you sell more digital art?

Learn reason your prospects whip out there plastic and BUY NOW!

Well we already know that people buy on emotion not logic, at least most people. If you have a prospect that is asking a bunch of technical questions and already knows the stats from Wilhelm Research on  your giclee prints….they MIGHT be a techie that buys on logic. That would be a rarity though.

But what gets the emotional wheels turning in a prospect to start with? Ok, here is the secret. Ready? Your prospects buy from you when they believe doing so will enhance their self image in some way.  It will serve you greatly to see how your product or service can be a vehicle for which your prospects can envision a better self.  Sound hinky right?

You might think its mumbo jumbo but the simple fact is the more you can help your prospects to visualize that expanded sense of self-worth by owning your product, the more sales you’ll make. It’s that simple. You can check out Maxwell Maltz  and his 1960 classic Psycho-Cypernetics or Dr Robert Cialdini and his popular book on persuasion and marketing, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion for an in depth study that will serve your company well.

So how is this done? Well as artist we don’t spend much time on developing sales copy, an USP, an elevator speech or heaven forbid… a scripted sales system. Spending time in this area for most artists is boring. It is critical to your success though.  By properly developing and implementing those three pieces alone you could potentially double your sales in 2010.

We will put together a few articles on how to best accomplish these tasks.