February Open Studio with Karen Bonaker

Join us for another Open Studio at Digital Art Academy as we paint our way through the Italian countryside. The emphasis of this session will be to identify some of the most common composition problems and learn how to correct them. Students will work from reference images provided by your instructor. Students will learn about some of the tools available in Painter that can help you compose a better composition, as well as learn how to make some of your own.

Course Begins: January 29th – Four weeks.

Live Session: Live sessions will be held on Saturday mornings at 9am PST.

Skill Level: Beginner to Advanced all skill levels welcome.

Digital Painting Open Studio

Week One
Composition-A matter of good color and values.

Focus will be on identifying the components that make up a well composed landscape painting. Some considerations will be placing the focal point, guiding the observer’s eye through the picture to maintain interest, and understanding the importance of good color and values.

Week Two
Editing Your Painting

Students will work on editing in and editing out information from their reference image. It is more than simplification and involves learning to see things differently. Changing angles and looking up or down on the view.

Week Three
Working With Tone and Color

Students will complete several exercises which should help them to understand more about the value of tone in our paintings. Students will paint a landscape which explores the various attributes of adding tone to our paintings.

Week Four
Drawing Exercises-Water

Water is a fascinating subject to paint. This week our painting will concentrate on various techniques to paint water in your landscape painting. Exercises using watercolor, pencils and chalk will be included. Common elements that tend to be left out or ignored will also be explored.

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Open Studio Landscape Painting

Digital Painting Tutorials-March

Digital Painting Tutorials in the March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

The March issue of the magazine is ready. Digital Painting tutorials by Skip Allen, Barb Hartsook, Kathy Pilgrim and Karen Bonaker are in this issue. There is also a surprise with the look and feel! You can download it here:  Digital Painting Tutorials March

If you like the magazine and would like to be on the early notification list fill out the opt-in information on the right side of the page. The magazine is free and we also have a bunch of awesome content that will begin going to the subscribers beginning in March.

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Talented Digital Artist Karen Bonaker and Tim Shelbourne to Collaborate With DPM

Top Digital Art Talent to Collaborate with Digital Paint Magazine

Who hoo! How is this for some great news? Along with the changes in design and direction we will have more people bringing you more great content. Digital Art Academy founder and instructor Karen Bonaker, and many-times-published author and educator,  Tim Shelbourne will be blessing us with their talent in 2010.

I will give you a snippet from a bio of Karen and present one from Tim down the road. You are going to love this stuff!

Karen Bonaker Joins the Team at Digital Paint Magazine.

Many of you already know Karen Bonaker. Karen has enjoyed painting since childhood. She painted on anything and everything including the walls of her home.   Karens mother was an artist and provided this young creative with a wall in her room to express herself. How cool is that?

Formal training came from her local college with an emphasis on color and design. Ten years ago Karen discovered the Painter software program and has since been creating art using a Wacom tablet and stylus.

Utilizing the formal training from college is beneficial as the principles of composition, color and design are the same in the digital world as they are with traditional media.

The Digital Art Expo in New York has shown one of Karen’s digital paintings. She has been a regular contributor to Corel Painter Magazine, served on the Beta Team for Corel Painter Essentials 4 and Corel Painter 11 as well as serving on the Corel Advisory Board.

Karen founded the Digital Art Academy. The Digital Art Academy is a venue for individuals to develop their own talents and gifts specific to drawing and painting.  She is a veteran of online training and is an instructor at the Academy.