Digital Painting SEO Tips for Artists One-Backlinks

Digital Painting SEO tip #1.

I am currently having a blast teaching some classes at our local community college. Also I am currently taking an SEO class online. I want to post a short series on SEO (search engine optimization). This will be pulled from questions that come up in the classes. The class I am teaching is a beginner’s class and like always has a variety of levels of understanding.

My titles of the posts will be optimized for what we do here on Digital Paint Magazine Blog, but the tips and techniques are obviously good for any web based business. Some will be items to implement other questions will be vocabulary type questions.

The first is. “What are backlinks?”

Great question Backlinks are a clickable link on one site that points to another site. Hhhhruh?

Okay if you check out the links area on our blog you will see links to John Derry’s Pixel Art Blog, a link to Marilyn Sholin’s  Digital Painting Forum and many other’s on the side bar here. Those links on this page are backlink’s  for whoever it is pointing to. So there is a backlink for John and a backlink for Marilyn using the example just from the sidebar on our front page.

Setting Up Your Wacom Tablet Video Tutorial

Several weeks ago we hosted a webinar with John Derry. John shows us how to set up the wacom tablet in this video. We did a screen capture of  the webinar to produce this.

It is listed on the resources page but thought I would post about it as well. The link below is live.

Setting Up Your Wacom tablet

Painting Photos With Corel Painter

John Derry put together this nice tutorial that explains one way to paint photos with Corel Painter. This was originally published on Corels website.

Painting Photos With Corel Painter