Photoshop Painting: John Derry’s CS5 Dry Media Brush Set

Photoshop Painting at it’s best, CS5 Dry Media Brush Set from John Derry

I am a few days behind the curve but John has released a new brush set for CS5. If you have been struggling with a decent chalk/pastel emulation then this brush set is for you.

CS5 offers some awesome new features for the digital painting geek in all of us. John is one of the leaders in development and education for the new version of Photoshop, we are fortunate John is into painting.

I said it is a brush set but it is really much more than that. Included in the price is 80 minutes of video tuts in the typical John Derry entertaining and Zany style,  Dry Media Tool Presets files (one for the barrel-rotation sensing Wacom 6D/Art Pen and one for the standard Wacom Grip Pen), a cloning layer action, a few pastel color range swatch libraries and the Dry Media papers Pattern Library. A smokin deal for under twenty bucks.

Here is a video that I snagged from Youtube.

So anyway check out the vid, check out Johns blog then trot over to and grab the brushes and video training. Even if you have not tried any photoshop painting yet with CS5 you can risk $20.

cheers, -tim

Digital Paint Magazine on The Ipad

Digital Paint Magazine on The Ipad

Friend, techno wizard, master painter and overall great guy, John Derry, shared this image with me a few days ago. It has been hectic in the last few days so I havent had the opportunity to get it put up.

John pulled up Digital Paint Magazine on the Ipad and took a quick snap. Looks cool huh?  I gotta have one.

Digital Paint MAgazine on the Ipad

John Derry shows Digital Paint Magazine on the Ipad

Thanks for sharing John!

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry

Corel Painter Brushes Webinar With John Derry will sell out.

I just put a blurb on the sign-up page for Johns Webinar. I host these webinars on GoToWebinar. The fees associated with this platform can be paid monthly or annually. The subscription we currently use at Digital Paint Magazine I pay monthly. It used to be 99 dollars a month for up to 500 lines on a webinar. Now it is 399 for 500 lines. The next break is at 100 lines and that is 99 a month.

So I obviously choose to downgrade our subscription. That means we have only 100 lines for this webinar. Over 75 are already gone. What we will do is give anyone that signs up BEFORE the webinar the download and brushes for 25.00 (but there are only 100 lines). So if we have 150 people sign up before the event we will give the seats to the first 100 and the remaining 50 will get the download and brushes for the 25 price.

After the event the brushes and download will be 30.00. You can sign up here: Corel Painter Brushes Webinar

Digital Painting Tutorials-March

Digital Painting Tutorials in the March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine.

The March issue of the magazine is ready. Digital Painting tutorials by Skip Allen, Barb Hartsook, Kathy Pilgrim and Karen Bonaker are in this issue. There is also a surprise with the look and feel! You can download it here:  Digital Painting Tutorials March

If you like the magazine and would like to be on the early notification list fill out the opt-in information on the right side of the page. The magazine is free and we also have a bunch of awesome content that will begin going to the subscribers beginning in March.

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

March Issue of Digital Paint Magazine

Corel Painter Tutorial by John Derry

Corel Painter Tutorial by John Derry

Ok, so maybe it is not really a tutorial. It is a tad more than that. This is a live event delivered via webinar. John will be covering Corel Painter’s brush engine and show you how to customize your own brushes. This webinar is a primer, an introduction to brush customization. There are some fantastic brushes that will be featured in the webinar, you can see these brushes in action on the short video compiled below.

As a bonus John is going to throw in  a chance to win a Painter 11: Mastering Brushes DVD (a $99 value). How cool is that?

Click to watch preview segment

The price listed is for a short time only. The video download and brushes will be selling for 35.00 after the live event is over. Even if you can not be on the call live register NOW,  each participant will be sent the download page for the video and the brushes. Sign up below now and save yourself $10.00.

Breaking NEWS! We only have 100 seats available for the live event. My account just renewed with Go to Webinar and the price for 500 lines went from 99 a month to 399 a month. Right. So as you can imagine I renewed at a lower level which is 100 lines. This will sell out.

Your $25.00 Webinar will include the following:

  • Solid step by step instruction by John Derry
  • Attendees will watch and listen to the webinar live
  • A download of the video capture of the webinar
  • Johns Brushes 2 Collection that will used as examples

Dont forget about the BONUS! A chance at winning a DVD by John titled, Painter 11: Mastering Brushes. The DVD sells for $99 and John is going to be giving one away  the during the webinar.