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Digital Painting Webinar: Intro to John Singer Sargent

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Painter X, XI compatible brushes

Brush breakdown

How to Install Heathers Brushes

A quick note about brush installs. Please remember we can not support brush install challenges. There are a number of other resources available to read or watch.

QA DAA Sargent

Here is a question that has came up a few times that Heather has addresses for us.

I've had the question come up that I felt was important to talk about:
Brush Ghosting.
What is it?  When your computer gets "tired" you will start to see white
lines (the outline of your brush if your preferences are set to "brush")
overlay your canvas.  Don't worry.  This is simply ghosting.  There is no
damage to your painting.  It's literally an illusion.
How do you fix it?  Simply zoom in or zoom out.  This takes care of it
each time.  You'll find this happens when your computer's RAM is not maxed
out, OR you use a lot "captured dab" Painter brushes.
So whenever you see these white ghost lines, don't worry.  Your painting
is safe.  Simply zoon out once or twice.
Happy painting!