Free and Premium Wood Textures

Resources for free and premium wood textures.

For many of you that have seen my work, bought a DVD or been to a workshop you know that I am a big believer in building a large organized stock file of textures. In most cases I prefer to shoot my own because it is fun and I get to pick and choose which ones to give away, which ones to sell and which one to keep in the private secret stash.

Where do I go though when I cant seem to find that exact texture I am looking for? Well I have been debating about this for quite awhile but in the next few months I am going to be giving away the resources that I visit when I need a stock photo, texture, royalty music piece (maybe) or other asset to complete a project in a minimum amount of time. Many of these resources are quite popular and known to many people but we will stash them here for one easy place to grab the URL’s when you are in a hurry. So first we will begin with wood textures.


Free wood texture pack from MirceAdrian at DeviantArt Thanks Mirce!


Another pack from Deviant LunaNYXstock


3R Stock Wood Textures from NEOkeitaro

Thanks to all of the contributors at Deviant. Hope you enjoy the new textures. By the way just as a reminder, each artist who has graciously given us these resources have different requirements tied to their use. Please read the requirements on their download pages and when you use be sure to post back to let them know. Also show us some of your work here as well.