Disabling Photo Apps in Facebook

Photo Application Woes at FaceBook

If  you are a professional artisan and make a living by creating and selling your imagery Face Book is a wonderful place to build a community. It does have some challenges though. Like many things specific to small business there is a double edge sword one has to deal with. One of the issues with Face Book is the proliferation of print on demand apps that hook up directly to big box retail stores. While this is a very cool way for the average user to share the images in their albums with loved ones it can be catastrophic for a professional image maker.

First with posting images online realize that anything you post can be stolen and used. It doesn’t matter if you use low resolution images or if you watermark them, they can be grabbed and used. So individually one needs to make the decision of whether or not you are going to worry about that happening. If you are extremely worried about it, just don’t post anything anywhere…..good luck marketing your work in the new world. That may sound snide and cynical but it is not intended to be. For many of us we just chalk it up to the cost of doing business and use deliberate best practices to keep the honest people honest. Worrying about how many times I am getting ripped off is counter productive and does not serve me or my family.

So the debate is out there regarding to watermark or not watermark? I think that is a question to be answered by each person depending on the level of comfort and trust they have. We used to watermark everything but don’t any longer, I find watermarks extremely distracting. We do use low rez files though. Usually before posting the images get re-sized in photoshop. We size everything to 4×6 or so at 72 dpi then go to> save for web and devices and let Photoshop do the rest. Also a huge help in this arena that most photographers don’t take advantage of is to actually register copyright for the images. We just do them in batch’s and it is part of the workflow one time a month. If/when someone does steal an image and uses it you have a much better chance of making things right if  they are registered.

So again quickly here are a few best practices.

1- Use low resolution images

2-put copyright info on each image

3-Register the copyright of each image.

Here is the video that will tell you how to turn off the Face Book photo applications. Also you can download the Disabling Photo Apps in Facebook pdf ….CLICK HERE .

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