Photo Paint Master Richard Ramsey Webinar!!

Interested in new or additional photo paint techniques?

What if you could spend an hour looking over the shoulder of one of the most successful artists in PPA…a man who has won Photographer of the Year 13 times?

Todays market place is tough. As artist we need to find a way to set ourselves apart from the biz next door. Richard Ramsey has done just that and I twisted his arm enough that he is going to spend ninety minutes of his time via webinar sharing his digital painting methods with the Digital Art Academy and Digital Paint Magazine.

Webinar is Sept 23, 4PM CST

Following are a few good reasons to check out this webinar

  • You want your artwork to move to the next level
  • You struggle with getting your paintings to be more impressionistic
  • You would like new ideas and inspiration on various painting techniques
  • You know there are better ways to organize your work flow but haven’t found the right one for you
  • You have lots of ideas, if only you knew how to implement them
  • You want help in seeing light and form in your photo reference files
  • You work in 2 dimensions, from photo reference or from scratch
  • Digital painting is almost dangerous because you can lose yourself for hours, if not days, working on your art.
  • You love to share your work and people who see your work love it.
  • You have to many ideas rattling around in that brain of yours that you cant get them all out on canvas or paper.
  • You invest in your continuous growth with time and money.

So who is this guy anyway? Well if you are in Tennessee and are a member of PPA you have heard of him for sure. As I mentioned earlier he is a very accomplished artist and master Photographer. Digital Paint Magazine carried him on the cover in the December 2009 edition. You can find more or Richards work at his website:

Webinar is Sept 23, 4PM CST

Richard Ramsey Digital Painting

This Event is Limited to 100 Attendees

Okay, so what do I get?

This webinar includes:

  • Full-one hour live presentation with Richard
  • Thirty minute Q & A session
  • Full chat log download
  • Written or audio answers to the question presented in the Q and A session.
  • Note: If you cant make it to the live presentation you can purchase the download as well through the ONE TIME OFFER which comes up in the payment process.

All of this for $37 bucks, even with the download it is still less than Dinner and movies.

Webinar is Sept 23, 4PM CST


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What if I cant get to the webinar?

A:You don’t have to be present during the live webinar, it will be recorded. The recording is available for an additional $9.95.  After you purchase you will have the opportunity to select the one time offer which includes the download and a bonus. The download will be available about a week after the live event.

Q: How do I get the link to the webinar?

A: From the mistakes I made during the Digital Art Summit we made some small changes. One of those changes is automating the link process. When you complete the order process a link with the password will be sent directly to you.

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Digital Painting Master Darrell Chitty Webinar

Free Webinar with Master Digital Painter Darrell Chitty

Digital painting techniques revealed. Would you like to expand the products and services you promote to your clients?

Guest expert Darrell Chitty is going to teach us some techniques for painting like the Old Masters.
We’ll be meeting Tuesday night, December 29th at 8 p.m. Central for the webinar.

This is your opportunity to learn live from Darrell.

You will learn the styles of 3 Masters; Rembrandt, Monet and Turner.
Learn what the differences are in style and how to duplicate those style differences in your own paintings.

Discover how to create an eye-catching digital painting that demands attention…

Review how to utilize Darrell’s workflow so you can create faster and with less stress, even if you’re not an experienced digital artist.

To participate in this call, join us at 8 p.m. Central. You can pickup access to this NO COST webinar by clicking on the link below. There are only 50 seats. Please don’t register unless you have sincere interest and will be there.

Here is some of Darrell’s work

Darrell Chitty Digital Painting Master

Darrell Chitty Digital Painting Master

Artist Darrell Chitty's Rhapsody in Pink

Artist Darrell Chitty's Rhapsody in Pink


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