Corel Painter Tutorial by John Derry

Corel Painter Tutorial by John Derry

Ok, so maybe it is not really a tutorial. It is a tad more than that. This is a live event delivered via webinar. John will be covering Corel Painter’s brush engine and show you how to customize your own brushes. This webinar is a primer, an introduction to brush customization. There are some fantastic brushes that will be featured in the webinar, you can see these brushes in action on the short video compiled below.

As a bonus John is going to throw in  a chance to win a Painter 11: Mastering Brushes DVD (a $99 value). How cool is that?

Click to watch preview segment

The price listed is for a short time only. The video download and brushes will be selling for 35.00 after the live event is over. Even if you can not be on the call live register NOW,  each participant will be sent the download page for the video and the brushes. Sign up below now and save yourself $10.00.

Breaking NEWS! We only have 100 seats available for the live event. My account just renewed with Go to Webinar and the price for 500 lines went from 99 a month to 399 a month. Right. So as you can imagine I renewed at a lower level which is 100 lines. This will sell out.

Your $25.00 Webinar will include the following:

  • Solid step by step instruction by John Derry
  • Attendees will watch and listen to the webinar live
  • A download of the video capture of the webinar
  • Johns Brushes 2 Collection that will used as examples

Dont forget about the BONUS! A chance at winning a DVD by John titled, Painter 11: Mastering Brushes. The DVD sells for $99 and John is going to be giving one away  the during the webinar.