Steampunk 3D Art With A Twist

Digitally Painting steampunk?

Steampunk has been all the rage lately. I have not covered much of it here because I havent really delved into it. As I am not an illustrator it is not an area that I felt the readers of this blog or the clients that commission me really had a passion for. I could be wrong. I personally find it fascinating.  That being said I appreciate art, any kind of art. So…

You have got to check out this keyboard!

Awesome Keyboard by Jake von Slatt

Awesome Keyboard by Jake von Slatt

I am a motor head as many of you know so,  I really love the look of this crafted keyboard.  What makes this even more interesting is the artist breaks down the process of creating his masterpiece.  It is a far stretch from digital painting for sure.  It fits more into the industrial art category, but you have to admit it is cool.

You can see some videos, still images and a written explanation by clicking on the image or following this link to Steampunk Workshop.

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