Social Media and Web tool Art Project

Group Digital Art Project

I have been thinking about doing something for awhile with art from various social media properties. I have been inspired by various social media applications and the unique personal images people use for there profile pictures. Very cool.

If you are a people person this will be a fun exercise as you will have a chance to study some folks from a unique perspective. A few days ago I came across a blog post from a blog I had not been reading for awhile, lines and colors. In the article Charlie profiled artist Matt Held and his Facebook project as well as Bill Guffey’s Virtual Paintout. I will write and article on those fun projects in a few days.

So here is what we will do. The first month we will use Facebook. The exercise is to find and paint an image from a profile picture listed on Facebook. Image size at this point doesn’t matter although a small image is what we want sent to us (2×3 or so at 150 would be fine.)

The goal here is to continue to develop our digital chops and improve our digital art while getting to know the very useful and awesome marketing power and SEO chutzpah of some social media sites. You can use artrage or Corel Painter, even do a photoshop painting, the use of any art software or plugin is welcome.  Digitally paint or draw a portrait and send the image to tim@digitalpaintmagazine. Tell us your name and website or URL as well as the software and any plugins used. We will post some of them on the blog here.

For those who chose to participate I will send a special report specific to the social media site we are using. If you want to participate without publishing your image that is ok also, just let us know you dont want your creation published.

Ok so here is the schedule for a few months.

September 11-October 11 Facebook Profiles

October 11-November 11 Landscapes from Google Maps Street Views

November 11-December 15 Twitter Profiles

BTW-Mark K. made a comment on a different post about copyright infringement. He is ¬†correct, I am certainly not advocating that you just snake someone’s image and paint it without permission. I made an assumption that people would use common sense and ask first. Bad to make assumptions. Make sure you have permission from the person who owns the profile. Don’t be a ding dong.


  1. Yup Sian Was Right
    This Is Cool!


  2. You wrote: “The exercise is to find and paint an image from a profile picture…”

    You’re actually promoting copyright infringement?

    Matt started a FB group to get permission to use a profile pic. He didn’t just grab them.

    • Mark-

      You are absolutely right that one needs to ask permission not just steal an image to use. I assumed that people would use some common sense here. I should not have assumed that. So I have put a blurb on the original post encouraging people to make sure they ask permission. Whoda thunk one would need to tell an artist that? Thanks for keeping it straight. Tim

  3. May I suggest you register a Social Network for Corel User Artists at — and thousands will fall in like bees on honeycomb? I was thinking to register it myself, but thought it was nice to first offer it to you. The network is free, extremely secure, and every member can have free portfolio, forums, groups, music uploads, blogs, etc.

    • Hi Bob,

      Great suggestion. Ning is a favorite social media site of mine. We haven’t figured out if we are going to host a forum here or what. We have galleries ready to go. It is still up in the air which way we will go and ning is certainly in the possibilities area. Thanks for thinking of us.

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